4 Oct 17, 03:05 PM
Loser SANDYLIANG: shuqun PLK staircase and toilet who also can Yuckkksssss
4 Oct 17, 03:03 PM
Loser SANDYLIANG: u scare everybody knw u are sucha cheapo s1ut?stop suck1ng up to celestechen laaa u look lyk a maid beside her oh pleaseeee
4 Oct 17, 03:02 PM
Loser SANDYLIANG: ehhh dun keep ask jas to delete leh
6 May 17, 04:29 AM
Oli: What a cutie he is! esp tt photo of him looking upwards
1 May 17, 02:24 PM
Joe: Hi jasmine! Love ur life! Whats ur insta?
13 Oct 16, 12:48 AM
J: Post more often Jasmine! :)
6 May 16, 06:01 PM
joyjoy: which brand of buble bath soup you bought!>??
29 Mar 16, 11:34 AM
Jasmine: soon! work's been real hectic <3
21 Mar 16, 02:22 PM
kaiwen: hi Jasmine, would u be posting on ur taiwan trip soon? Love ur travel blog entries! Thanks :)
11 Mar 16, 11:41 AM
Jasmine: Hi Joy, not inclusive. only includes transport
10 Mar 16, 11:59 AM
joy: Hi Jasmine, can i check if your guide rates is inclusive of the activities cost or excluding. Like water rafting, water games
25 Feb 16, 09:05 AM
To k too: Oh so now divorce than no rights to cane kids ah? This k smlj sia! Confirm gina pi
26 Jan 16, 09:06 PM
Arenn`: K, I'm sure Alex is a better Daddy to Trev than Kelvin ever was. End of argument.
26 Jan 16, 10:46 AM
Jasmine: before you talk about rights, plenty of legal rights for you to go get busy with than come here and whine like your mother father never teach. get the fu CK lost outta here
26 Jan 16, 10:44 AM
Jasmine: eventually if kelvin has a new partner and trev visits he will have a step-mom then he'll call her mommy too what. don't nothing to say already find something to say. WHAT BEAT TREV fcuk off you twat
24 Jan 16, 10:16 PM
K: What the fcuk right for trev to call alex daddy?so u mean trev can call Kel's gf mummy? And what rights do alex have to beat trev?
14 Jan 16, 07:22 PM
To k too: If u r someone related to kelvin than i hope u wake up if u r not anyone related to him than i think u r nuts.Also what u said here are just a reflection of hw mother brought u up.
14 Jan 16, 07:21 PM
To k too: If its bo biz of u n me than y u cant shut up?u nd ur mother juice sia.remb to stab die ur stepfathr ley if u r kelvin
14 Jan 16, 07:20 PM
To k too: She give u last warning le u still havent pay.Forget ley u f girls behind ur A.Ng also hor
14 Jan 16, 07:20 PM
To k too: Wow jas. Pretty obvious liao la who this K is.No wonder no give alimony rather fly kl buy dog give ex.than borrow money from Cg haven pay.so u owe ppl money dun give alimony cause u nd to pay cg back?
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