15 Nov 11, 12:24 AM
Frozen: This was the first story I have ever read by furyred. And of course I LOVED IT!! Then I read the mars and then she started the hearts and then i read escape to riverview. All her stories are amazing.
1 May 11, 07:24 PM
Biff11: Hey everyone, it's been a while. I just wanted to say IM SORRY FOR MY LITTLE SISTER'S BEHAVIOR for the fortieth time. Please dont hate me, FuryRed. I love your stories and everything, :glad:
22 Oct 10, 02:10 PM
Anonymous: I really like Apple Rotton! :heart:
20 Sep 10, 11:26 PM
Keleya: It's on MTS, Carleigh.
12 Sep 10, 03:57 AM
Carleigh: what mod or whatever is in your game that removes those stupid squares to cover the "nudity" for showering/peeing in the game? where'd you find it?
20 Aug 10, 01:50 AM
so sad: so sad it was canceled!!! :cry:
23 Jul 10, 03:50 AM
Cora: i love you stories! There all very detailed (LOL), any advice for a story??
22 Jul 10, 03:39 PM
nameless nonsense: no brett onlee kiddin i was 1s noo heer 2 donna wrry i wasnt srs
20 Jul 10, 02:36 AM
Emily: i hyperventalated when i read that you wouldnt continue this!!!!!!!! ow.
19 Jul 10, 08:49 PM
af: i love this :nuts:
18 Jul 10, 02:00 AM
Brett: meanie! (sorry if u were not talking bout be)
16 Jul 10, 05:17 PM
nameless nonsense: then how cum dis frst time uv dun n e thing
15 Jul 10, 02:31 AM
Brett: hey i u # 1 fan!
13 Jul 10, 02:54 PM
nameless nonsense: btw im jimmy
13 Jul 10, 02:54 PM
nameless nonsense: nd fury biff has onlee 7 frenz nd ur 1 of dem! i cant b lieve it! srsly, w?
9 Jul 10, 02:25 AM
Mickey Mouse: When is the next prison experiment coming out???
8 Jul 10, 03:43 PM
Somber_Kitteh: No,It is not coming out sunday,some one was impersenating her.
6 Jul 10, 02:00 AM
Kelly: Hi Fury!! I love your stories. 8) Cant wait till the next ETR. Well anyways, did you edit Little Red's face? Or if your smoothing level higher? Because I downloaded her before, and she looked blocky.
4 Jul 10, 11:24 PM
Really IsabelF? Really?: She said NO it wasn't going to be on Sundays. She was correcting the fake furyred.
4 Jul 10, 04:09 PM
IsabelF: Aw man now i'm confused, is it out sunday or not?
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