20 Feb 18, 10:16 AM
Jonathan: Interested in Aerocatch, question, price and where do i go to install it as it looks complicated and prefer somebody who knows how to install it.
18 Feb 18, 06:33 AM
FLUX: Do you have EK9 window visors? How much to ship to 98531 USA? Thank you
12 Feb 18, 03:30 PM
WAYNE: Please you tell the price and shipping cost of the following items to the UK ! Carbon finer wing up kit BNR34 and arc titanium finned air diversion plate BNR34 . My car is 2000 GTR R34.Many thanks
4 Feb 18, 01:18 AM
Mr ooi: How much the GTR34 Steering
31 Jan 18, 05:25 AM
Marco Andreozzi: Do you have any new NA miata parts in stock or on the way?
24 Jan 18, 10:05 PM
JDMAutoLink: gogo, those has been sold.
20 Jan 18, 06:43 PM
gogo: hallo what is the pricing on the kansai r35 exhaust and the zele one
8 Jan 18, 11:26 PM
Chris: I am interested in buying your nsx front windshield is it still available and how much does it cost
3 Jan 18, 03:51 PM
Tony: Need new third brake light (spoiler brake light for series 1 R33)... can u supply new or refurbish an old one?
21 Dec 17, 07:01 PM
kevin: meshttp://www.jdmautolink.net/2016/04/bnr32-nissan-optional-cup-holder.html can you find any more sage
19 Dec 17, 09:57 PM
Mark: Good day Mark From South Africa Needing a 300kph nismo clock for r34 gtt manuel and price if you have stock
13 Dec 17, 01:39 PM
Iqbal: Enr34
13 Dec 17, 01:39 PM
Iqbal: Looking for a speed sensor for
13 Dec 17, 01:37 PM
Iqbal: Hello
13 Dec 17, 01:34 PM
Iqbal: Hi
13 Dec 17, 10:11 AM
Ironman: Hi do u have mfd for r34 gtt? How much? Is there any instruction on how to install it?
11 Dec 17, 03:45 PM
JDMAutoLink: Jim, no English instruction available mate.
11 Dec 17, 03:45 PM
JDMAutoLink: Win, sold already.
11 Dec 17, 03:45 PM
JDMAutoLink: Daniel, we have yet to come across one.
11 Dec 17, 03:45 PM
JDMAutoLink: Juan, sorry mate. Those are really hard to come by.
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