16 Feb 19, 06:00 PM
William Lorenzo: I'm looking for copies of "Efemerides Filipinas" Semana listed in the bibliography of Don Jaime C. De Veyra. Do you have this in your Filipiniana collection/library/museum?
4 Dec 18, 11:22 PM
Alvin L. Arce: Hello po, magtatanong lang po kung anong date po ang graduation ng batch 1995,
4 Nov 18, 01:29 AM
Rosalai N. Poblete: I would like to request a copy of my transcript of record. I graduated in 1973 BSE with Biology as my majoor.>Please make correction of my DOB from 1952-to 1953.
4 Nov 18, 01:26 AM
Rosalai N. Poblete: I am would like to request a copy of my transcript of records. I graduated in 1973 -BSE Major in Biology. . PLEASE MAKE A CORRECTION OF MY YEAR OF BIRTH from 1952 to 1953. Let me know the fees. .
27 Oct 18, 02:44 AM
Miranda R.Villegas: I’m trying to enroll in School for a Master’s Degree. Can I please get a copy of my transcript of records? Thank you very much.
13 Jul 17, 11:37 AM
weng gabriel: my course was AB-Masscom. if possible, i would also like to get an honorable dismmisal. tnx again.
13 Jul 17, 11:34 AM
weng gabriel: am planning to finish my studies. my transcript of records is a hindrance, please help.. tnx
13 Jul 17, 11:32 AM
weng gabriel: hello.. i was a student in divine word university class 94, i wasn't able to graduate because i got pregnant on that same year the university closed. how can i get my trasncript? tnx
1 Jun 17, 04:07 AM
Enrico Garado: Tanong ko lang po ang school code ng divine word university, salamat po
9 Mar 17, 02:47 PM
sherwin laurente: great day!!!!!!!!, mag ask lang po kau kung meron nkayong vacant poisition for teacher, please reply to my gmail account,, thanks in advance
9 Mar 17, 02:46 PM
sherwin laurente: great day!!!!!
24 Jan 17, 04:44 PM
liza: Hi goodd afternoon, i would likw to know how much the tuition fee for senior high school and the enrollment schedule. tnx
9 Nov 16, 02:04 PM
Jerymee: Hi we would like to ask if anu po ang name nang college of medicine dean nang DWU? Thanks
28 Oct 16, 11:45 PM
Marlon manuntag: Hi I would like to ask if your senior high school offers STEM?....and what is the requirements?
9 Sep 16, 05:12 PM
lyka: hello! I'm Lyka Chitongco from DOH-RO VIII, can I ask po for the complete name of school head/administrator? For communication purposes po
15 Aug 16, 10:25 PM
Joy: Hello pho.. Mag ask Lang pho ako about grades 3.. Mag Kano po monthly...
12 Aug 16, 10:54 PM
Angelita Ancheta: Angie ancheta
12 Aug 16, 10:54 PM
Angelita Ancheta: Thank you
12 Aug 16, 10:54 PM
Angelita Ancheta: I need an offician transcript of records to be mailed to the graduate school here in Texas. I graduated 1977 with BSN degree. Please help.
16 Apr 16, 01:31 PM
Ruben Balotol: how to get information about the school tuition fees
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