24 Jun 19, 02:38 PM
Icy: We do not allow advertisements in our c-box and please do not bring up relgious talks again, as it is part of a heavy topic that, as I said, we do not allow.
24 Jun 19, 02:30 PM
Gray: thanks, icy, haha was just about to say that ^^
24 Jun 19, 02:29 PM
Icy: Hello! We prefer to keep conversations light and avoid personal questions like that
24 Jun 19, 02:23 PM
Gray: i do, yeah ^^ i'd say everyone here on we are good people. very friendly and accepting. we're like a family here.
24 Jun 19, 02:21 PM
Gray: i suppose for some people it is, yeah ^^
24 Jun 19, 02:14 PM
Gray: mm it's complicated, i supppose ^^
24 Jun 19, 02:09 PM
Gray: i do believe in there being some sort of life after death. i'm all about ghosts and spirits and such, haha. ^^
24 Jun 19, 02:08 PM
Dovekie: Do you believe in a real afterlife?
24 Jun 19, 02:08 PM
Gray: sure!
24 Jun 19, 02:08 PM
Dovekie: Nice to meet you. Hey, can I ask you a super random question?
24 Jun 19, 02:06 PM
Dovekie: That’s really cool!
24 Jun 19, 01:59 PM
Gray: the guidebook can be found here: http://wildequinesv3.proboards.com/page/guidebook
24 Jun 19, 01:58 PM
Gray: i'm Gray, a mod, and I also just so happen to play Rasa, the Lady of Utopia.
24 Jun 19, 01:58 PM
Gray: feel free to check out the afterlife section of the guidebook for more information and ask any questions ya got!
24 Jun 19, 01:58 PM
Gray: typically, asphodel residents will be given a task to complete before they are allowed to enter utopia/underworld
24 Jun 19, 01:57 PM
Gray: to try and get into.
24 Jun 19, 01:57 PM
Gray: there's different type of angels and demons, though when characters die, they are first sent to Asphodel, which is kinda like limbo before they are judged by the lord/lady of whichever realm they want
24 Jun 19, 01:57 PM
Gray: as well!)
24 Jun 19, 01:57 PM
Gray: there's a lord and lady of utopia, and a lord of lady of the underworld! characters that have died, you have the option of playing them in the afterlife (and they can still interact i the mortal world
24 Jun 19, 01:52 PM
Dovekie: An afterlife! That’s a first. Elaborate?
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