7 Dec 11, 09:10 PM
cheyane: cool
6 Aug 10, 01:27 AM
veronica: Just stopping by to say hi! God bless.
26 Jul 10, 04:57 PM
Raquelle: He Veronica! Thanks for stopping by! :O)
24 Jul 10, 03:15 PM
veronica: Have a beautiful day! God bless.
24 Jul 10, 03:14 PM
veronica: I'm gonna start my other blog but just for digital scrapbook pages
22 Jul 10, 04:37 PM
Raquelle: Hello Veronica! I'm heading over now!!
22 Jul 10, 01:28 PM
veronica: I was so excited I mispelled top...hehe for top 3!
22 Jul 10, 01:27 PM
veronica: WOW! You made to 3 on Jitterbuggn...CONGRATS..I knew yo would win!!!
22 Jul 10, 01:56 AM
veronica: I change my blog too because I got a note saying it was going to expire or something..lol
18 Jul 10, 11:12 AM
Raquelle: Hi Veronica! Yep I'm entering the challenge this week! :O) I've posted to your blog too! :O)
17 Jul 10, 01:56 PM
veronica: Hop on over and see what I have for you!
17 Jul 10, 10:28 AM
veronica: lets go Jitterbuggin...lol! You gona do the sketch this time? God bless.
14 Jul 10, 03:13 PM
Raquelle: On my way! Hey do you have any of the Cricut Lite carts?
14 Jul 10, 11:59 AM
veronica: I left some great and deserved love over at my place...lol
13 Jul 10, 10:08 PM
veronica: I love your banner.
12 Jul 10, 06:22 PM
Raquelle: Hee Hee! My son used to do the same when he was a toddler. YEARS ago!! Hope you have a blessed one
11 Jul 10, 11:41 AM
veronica: My little girls walk around in their undies...lol
11 Jul 10, 11:41 AM
veronica: I did see my button on your blog,,, Thanks so much. The weather is so hot!
10 Jul 10, 10:25 PM
Raquelle: Hi Veronica! Yeah, I did. Did you see your button on here? How is the weather out there?
9 Jul 10, 01:04 AM
veronica: you changed your button huh...I like it!
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