14 Nov 18, 11:07 AM
Octi: Let me know if you've got any questions while you're poking around!
14 Nov 18, 11:07 AM
Octi: Hi Pigeon!! =D
14 Nov 18, 10:41 AM
Pigeon: -investigates app stuff hmm hmm-
11 Nov 18, 06:22 PM
Luciel: If you have Discord, then you could check out Pandora's server and ask about it in our question's channel! Prob the easiest way to get a question like that answered
11 Nov 18, 06:20 PM
Luciel: Glad to hear you're interested! I'm not sure if they'll count those Links as different enough but it never hurts to ask since there might be a chance there!
11 Nov 18, 06:06 PM
Kayube: Right now I'm thinking Young Link (from Majora's Mask). There's already a BOTW Link but I think they're different enough.
11 Nov 18, 05:55 PM
Mac: That's great :) Do you know who you're interested in playing?
11 Nov 18, 05:54 PM
Mac: Hi Kayube :)
11 Nov 18, 03:37 PM
Kayube: Checking things out here. Interestingly it's actually some of the characters that are here that attracted me.
9 Nov 18, 05:23 PM
Former Member: I must admit site is beautiful
9 Nov 18, 05:22 PM
Former Member: Also had Red X.
9 Nov 18, 05:16 PM
Former Member: I also played Megatron for a time, but lost him.
9 Nov 18, 05:16 PM
Former Member: Warren Zimmer, Daniel and Anti Spiral.
9 Nov 18, 02:47 PM
Octi: You should! Who did you used to play? o:
9 Nov 18, 12:42 PM
Former Member: Might rejoin, but not sure yet.
9 Nov 18, 09:27 AM
Octi: Thankyou!!
8 Nov 18, 09:46 PM
Former Member: The changes are impressive.
7 Nov 18, 08:54 PM
Octi: Hi Juniper!!
7 Nov 18, 07:50 PM
Juniper: Hello
4 Nov 18, 07:15 PM
Octi: Hi Cake! Yeah, we've been through a lot of changes recently!
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