5 Sep 17, 11:30 PM
Cooking Anon: I just love your cooking, but it's so spread out
5 Sep 17, 11:29 PM
Cooking Anon: Alright, cool
5 Aug 17, 03:31 AM
hitori: thats a ood idea, might do it after the pieces pak
23 Jul 17, 10:17 PM
Cooking Anon: Hey, just asking, would you ever do a pack with exclusivly cooking stuff? I'm into that, but I don;t wanna riak only getting, like, 3 pics I like in a whole pack from the othjer art packs, like the sn
7 May 17, 05:23 AM
RinTohsaka: And whoever keeps commissioning Fate/stay night characters is a god amoung men
7 May 17, 04:28 AM
RinTohsaka: I just realized, you don't have a link to your Patreon in the sidebar...might want to fix that!
2 Feb 17, 04:28 AM
RinTohsaka: Whoever commissioned that glorious "Rin win.png" should be awarded a medal or a trophy or something, because, you know...that artwork is glorious
2 Feb 17, 04:27 AM
RinTohsaka: BTW, did I happen to mention that the "Rin win.png" artwork is glorious? Well, it's glorious.
2 Feb 17, 04:24 AM
RinTohsaka: I've been following you for a very long time time and this latest update shall go down in history due to "Rin win.png" which is your first ever (GLORIOUS) Type Moon artwork
14 Jan 17, 02:19 PM
dead: 我是中国人 能买你的作品么 求详谈
16 Dec 16, 10:56 AM
Tad: Getting a NintenDolcett-esque pak commissioned. Stay tuned for detailed, but should be releasing sometime mid to late 2017
9 Aug 16, 06:46 AM
IHeartLinearAlgebra: I take it that you have done some NintenDolcett?
15 Feb 16, 03:19 PM
Rosa: Thank you so much for sharing <3 These are divine and amazing artworks!
22 Nov 15, 02:20 PM
jkooistra: What's the status on the cut in pieces pack?
18 Nov 15, 06:07 AM
Hitori: prices you need to ask me in my e-mail, also for descriptions about paks
15 Nov 15, 01:39 PM
Arcan: Great art! Any plans on some MLP characters with guro//cooking ? Would love that!
15 Nov 15, 08:10 AM
coock: What are your prices for commissions? i cant find it.
15 Nov 15, 07:47 AM
Gorat: images* also a VERY small preview or sample would be nice to know what im paying 12$ for. (like stay alive pack what is it about? what girls are on the drawings etc.)
15 Nov 15, 07:45 AM
Gorat: Hey! Love your art. I was willing to buy a pack but ther is no description what is inside them, i get it that "headless" is headles girls but what girls? And how many mages? Is there necro? etc.
11 Nov 15, 11:02 PM
Anne: Blogwalking
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