9 May 18, 07:35 PM
Steve Gray: Where do you lot drink now? Am working in Hyde for a bit if anyone fancies a mid week drink next week
20 Nov 17, 08:52 PM
Bott: Anybody who hasn't been in touch with Buster with your size for your T shirt please let him know at next meeting on the 30th of this month.
1 Jul 17, 09:58 PM
Hefty Steve: Sorry Mark, do you still get the Drunk Broke and Stupid out?
11 Mar 17, 11:23 AM
RedMoon Joe: Coming to Q-bar Stalybridge 06.05.17
11 Mar 17, 11:22 AM
RedMoon Joe: Just to let you guys know for those that remember the good old days in the Witchwood, we have managed to get Red Moon Joe band to come and play at the Q-bar Stalybridge on the 06.05.17 hope some of yo
6 May 16, 01:58 PM
Bott: Ste Taylors Birthday is 25th June at Bardsley rugby club
6 May 16, 01:56 PM
Bott: Ste Taylor’s 60th Birthday He would like you to come and help him celebrate this monumental moment in time,there will be a band on (traitors gate ) Buffet and DJ there is also free camping No FIRE'S
6 May 16, 01:47 PM
Bott: Ste Taylor’s 60th Birthday
7 Oct 15, 12:03 PM
Bott: 148 Broadway Chadderton Oldham OL9 0JY
7 Oct 15, 12:01 PM
Bott: The reception will be held at St Herberts parish centre
7 Oct 15, 11:59 AM
Bott: The wedding of Graham and Chrissy will be held on the Friday 9th of October at Chadderton townhall at 3-45 anybody wishing to attend the service are more than welcome,
21 Jul 15, 10:11 PM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Club Birthday is this Saturday, Oldham Rugby Club.use contact us for details.
15 May 15, 08:26 PM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Rideout Sunday, be at the Beau for 9.30 :)
18 Apr 15, 12:27 AM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Thanks Dad :biggrin:
16 Apr 15, 09:29 AM
dad: rideout to crewe sunday 19th april courtesy of hefty ste,be at the beau jest at 10 for breki leaving at 11
9 Apr 15, 01:41 AM
Sandy HHMCC: The new site is coming on really well Steve, love it!
8 Apr 15, 09:17 PM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Sorry Dad only just seen your shout :) would not have saved the chaos :)
27 Mar 15, 09:57 AM
dad: please publish the chosen route so bro,s can get it on their mobys
24 Mar 15, 10:34 PM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Lou's Birthday now this Friday at the Junction :)
19 Mar 15, 10:47 PM
Mr Grumpy HHMCC: Next Meeting 26 march at the Beau sortin out Three Tribes travel and beginnin planniing the Birthday Bash
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