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Quick Start
Click in the "name" box, and enter a screen name. Click on "message" and type your message. Then hit Enter to post!
The following tags are supported:
[b] bold [/b]     [i] italics [/i]     [u] underline [/u]
Other simple tags following the above format are:
[sup], [sub], [s], [center], [big], [small], [scroll]
Use [br] to create line breaks. You can change text color:
[color=red] color [/color]
You can post links with: [url=http://address] website [/url]
Your IP address is logged when you post and is available to the administrator of this Cbox. For your convenience, your name and selected URL will be stored in a "cookie" on your computer so that they are filled in automatically when you return to this Cbox.
About Cbox
Cbox is an advanced web messaging / commenting / tagging widget with great features and excellent reliability and speed. Get your own free Cbox here!