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9 Nov 18, 05:02 PM
ajay: What is the criteria to fix TPA charges in Govt sponsored Health insurnace scheme? whether Fee is payable on family basis or Premium Basis? Whether Tender should be invited before selection of TPA? Please guide and enrich us with your vast knowledge.
31 Oct 18, 07:19 AM
Nitish kumar: If you provide me a circular about these then it would be more helpful because I have been gone through intranet but couldn't find any circular related to this and also asked many of our seniors about this but they have different suggestions. Due to this confusion we are losing many of our important clients so it would be more benifibene if you guide us about this as soon as possible.
31 Oct 18, 07:13 AM
Nitish kumar: 2) Suppose pervious yr nil de was given but policy has been expired few days ago now customer is requesting to provide him nil dep this yr also so can we give this cover in case of break in insurance?
31 Oct 18, 07:10 AM
Nitish kumar: 1) Suppose there is no nil dep cover was given last yr and vehicle is one yr old so can we give this cover to such vehicles?
31 Oct 18, 07:09 AM
Nitish kumar: Kindly guide us about nil dep cover in following cases
31 Oct 18, 07:08 AM
Nitish kumar: Sir,
27 Oct 18, 11:13 AM
Rajan Bhosale: Can u provide me the latest student safety policy details by mail ?
24 Oct 18, 05:51 PM
Tumpa Sain: Recently we have located some customers who are retd. Bank officers requiring health insurance coverage. Please clarify regd. PED coverage: Customers were covered under Group health policies and now they want to shift to individual health ins. policies(individual/floater) due to hike in premium exorbitantly; Logically, can we give them the PED coverage from day 1 of our issuance of the policy provided he procures proof of 48 months continual renewal and claim free years from previous insurer.
24 Oct 18, 05:36 PM
Tumpa Sain: In Motor portfolio, the recent increase in the CPA component to Rs 15.00 lacs coverage increasing the premium to Rs.750/-, many customers are opting out giving self-declarations for non-availment of PA coverage; whether this practice could be followed as some instances of such type had culminated.
28 Sep 18, 02:41 PM
Harish Aseri: A officer during LTS make some of journey with rental bike what effect on tour bill?
28 Sep 18, 02:37 PM
Harish Aseri: Any assistant who joined Micro incharge on request transfer/company will be transferred then assistant entitled for cash allowance?
27 Sep 18, 03:10 PM
Pradeep Gore: Please suggest me guidelines on time of journey where check of 1 hour before the flight is mandatory as requested in my earlier query
25 Sep 18, 11:38 AM
Team Nalanda: @Harish Aseri: Kindly refer to Personnel manual (Part-II, Page No. 74 & 75).
25 Sep 18, 11:33 AM
Team Nalanda: @Jyoti Saini: As per the personnel manual (part-2, pg. no. 243), there is no mention of reimbursement of newspaper to only confirmed employees.
24 Sep 18, 03:40 PM
JYOTI SAINI: are we eligible to get the reimbursement of newspaper from the date of our joining in the uiic, or we just get it for the time period of confirmation.
19 Sep 18, 06:59 PM
Team Nalanda: @Jacinta Lewis: Kindly refer to Personnel manual (Part-II, Page No. 155) for the details.
19 Sep 18, 01:39 PM
Harish Aseri: A person during training program take leave any DA or hotel charges are deducted from TE bill..?
18 Sep 18, 11:48 AM
Pradeep Gore: Kindly clarify whether travel time taken from residence to airport & airport to residence, while on tour can be included in period of journey. Please also consider that we have to check in ONE HOUR prior to take off. Please guide us.
18 Sep 18, 11:47 AM
Pradeep Gore: Sir, This is regarding journey period instructions which reads as "Where the departure of train/plane/bus is delayed, the scheduled time of departure of train/plane/bus (irrespective of the actual departure time of train/plane/bus) should be taken as the time of commencement of tour. Where the arrival of train/plane/bus is delayed, the actual time of arrival of train/plane/bus (irrespective of the scheduled time of arrival of train/plane/bus) shall be taken as the time of termination of tour.
17 Sep 18, 06:43 PM
Team Nalanda: @Harsh Kumar: As per the Personnel Manual, leave has to be sanctioned in advance to avail LTS. Please refer to Personnel Manual (Part-2, pg. no. 94).
17 Sep 18, 03:37 PM
Jacinta Lewis: please clarify if during the travel from home to office, an accident occurs, will the leave taken as per doctor's certificate , will be debited to the employee leave account or it will be considered as accident during office hours
14 Sep 18, 06:41 PM
harsh kumar: Kindly let us know if it is mandatory to apply for leave to avail LTS.
3 Aug 18, 04:33 PM
Team Nalanda: @Pradeep Gore: Sir,During retirement if the car was under The conveyance Shceme seperate transportation charges is payable. If it is not under the Conveyance Scheme the 120 quintals is all inclusive(includes transportation for the car also).
3 Aug 18, 01:54 PM
Team Nalanda: @It is also adopted in claims assessed for Total Loss. The value of salvage, as recommended by surveyor and mutually agreed by both the parties is deducted from the total amount assessed. Other instances are a) In Total loss cases if the insured insists on repairs, a Cash Loss amount representing the net total Loss is reimbursed to the insured, leaving him to repair the vehicle at his own cost. b) When the insured purchases spares in black market and is not in a position to furnish purchase bil
3 Aug 18, 01:54 PM
Team Nalanda: @ Harish Aseri: Sir, Cash Loss is a compromise mode of settlement usually resorted to in the case of Commercial vehicle claims payable on repair basis. If repairs are to be done in several workshops, and in cases where the owner is not in a position to finance the entire job himself , the insurer and the insured come to an arrangement whereby the insured agrees to accept a sum lower than the assessed amount by 25% to 30%.
1 Aug 18, 05:01 PM
Harish Aseri: What is cash loss settlement on which condition this type of settlement done.
24 Jul 18, 06:29 PM
Pradeep Gore: Sir, thanks for the updates. Please let us know that the 120 quintals will also include car transportation also ?
17 May 18, 11:56 AM
TEAM NALANDA: @Pradeep Gore: Sir, as per the rules the eligibility is 120 Quintals if the mode of transportation is Road and 60 Quintals if the mode of transportation is Rail. Kindly refer to the manuals / circulars before making the decision.
11 May 18, 03:24 PM
Pradeep Gore: Case of an officer who transports his household goods on RETIREMENT to 1750 kms for 6 tons only and raises a consolidated bill of Rs.61,500/- . We have allowed proportionate @ Rs.2857.60 per ton x 6 tons = Rs.17,146/- & then added Rs/16,000/- for Packing, Loading/Unloading & Local transportation @ Rs.16,000/- & Rs.786/- as Insurance. Hence combined reimbursement of Rs.33,942/- against claimed Rs.61,500/-. Whether our reimbursement is correct. Please guide us to avoid frustration to retired o
11 May 18, 03:19 PM
Pradeep Gore: With reference to HO Circular HO:HR:CIR:21 dated 12.02.2015 Re-Revision in guidelines on limits of reimbursement of expenses for transportation of household goods on transfer for employees - Class I Officers :- The reimbursement of transportation charges when the personal effects are transported BY ROAD are revised as under :- Scale IV and above - Actual expenses subject to maximum of charges for 120 quintals by goods train.
22 Mar 18, 11:08 AM
Team Nalanda: @Udaykiran: Sir, as of now we are in no receipt of any circular regarding full reimbursement. Please refer to the latest circular from your end, if any.
20 Mar 18, 10:18 PM
UDAYKIRAN: Sir in LTS bill child age is 5 years and employee has taken full ticket in train.Is there any latest circular for reimbursement of the same.As per old circular only half ticket to be allowed.Kindly clarify
19 Mar 18, 11:21 AM
Team Nalanda: @Ravi: Sir, Our liability in such case should be the outstanding loan amount.
19 Mar 18, 11:20 AM
Team Nalanda: @Sanjeev Kumar: Sir, please refer to the RC book. The vehicle should be covered under the misc. type of vehicles.
10 Mar 18, 09:29 AM
Ravi: Sir, How can we define our liability under UNI home care policy. If person opt for 5lac loan from bank and have taken UniHome policy section 1.(fire)for rs 5lac and section 2. (PA) for Rs. 5lac. Now that borrower/policy holder die accidentally during policy years.oustanding loan amount is Rs.2lac . So our liability is Rs.2lac or Rs.5lac.?? Please guide and provide information about UNiHome Care policy.
9 Mar 18, 12:35 PM
SANJEEV KUMAR: What are the guidelines for issuance of insurance policy for agriculture tractors. Whether they come under commercial vehicles or misc. type of vehicles policy.
22 Feb 18, 10:12 AM
Team Nalanda: @G Raghuveer: Sir, please refer to the Conveyance Scheme Manual / Circular from intranet since 2011 and later updates if any.
15 Feb 18, 11:11 AM
G RAGHUVEER: Sir, In case of payment of petrol expenses to BMs/DMs of Hyderabad, what is the maximum quarterly limit of petrol i.e. 225 or 250 litres. Pl. clarify.
31 Oct 17, 12:49 PM
Team Nalanda: @Prakash Kumar: Sir, the voucher could have been cancelled on the same day by the in-charge but since that was not done, please raise a ticket to helpdesk mentioning the reason. The voucher will be cancelled.
30 Oct 17, 04:54 PM
PRAKASH KUMAR: During the process refund of premium due to double insurance with our Branch by mistake , local disbursement option was selected in place of centralized disbursement as a result said voucher was issued by cheque bearing No. ...... in favour of our Imprest Account which is wrong, May the said voucher can be cancelled by Incharge or not. If not who is authorized for voucher cancellation.
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