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- Team Nalanda
30 Nov 17, 11:38 AM
subir sengupta: Sir, Two members are in Family Medicare Policy, both of them more than 80 yrs.Now on member died.To continue the policy it cannot be done in Family Medicare since member is only one, To renew the same by converting to Individual Health Pol in Roll over Mode we cannot proceed further since the system is saying the age bar is restricted to 80 yrs.What to do Sir?
30 Nov 17, 11:24 AM
subir sengupta: One individual already having Group Health Policy.Can he take Super Top Up for further extension
20 Nov 17, 05:47 PM
KJOZA: i have received the motor claim but fitness not renewed in time mean whilce vehicle is theft so till the date fitness is not renewed under the circumstances claim can be entertained or not pl guide us in the matter 9879472077
20 Nov 17, 05:44 PM
KJOZA: sir
16 Nov 17, 04:53 PM
Niranjani: Can a proposer for Individual health policy be a minor?
9 Nov 17, 04:45 PM
Sudhir Pawar: Below query is with reference to Employees Compensation claims, also if 8000 monthly limit is applicable for TTD Claims as well, are we supposed to charge premium for wages in excess of 8000?
31 Oct 17, 12:49 PM
Team Nalanda: @Prakash Kumar: Sir, the voucher could have been cancelled on the same day by the in-charge but since that was not done, please raise a ticket to helpdesk mentioning the reason. The voucher will be cancelled.
30 Oct 17, 04:54 PM
PRAKASH KUMAR: During the process refund of premium due to double insurance with our Branch by mistake , local disbursement option was selected in place of centralized disbursement as a result said voucher was issued by cheque bearing No. ...... in favour of our Imprest Account which is wrong, May the said voucher can be cancelled by Incharge or not. If not who is authorized for voucher cancellation.
25 Oct 17, 01:27 PM
Prashant Padghan: We need cancel Unihome care policy. Can we have short term rates for cancelling long term policies as they are genisys policies.
4 Oct 17, 01:19 PM
Team Nalanda: @Shraddha Rane: Madam, we have sent the required documents on your email ID. Please check.
3 Oct 17, 05:39 PM
SHRADDHA RANE: we are not having details of unihome care policy on our uiic-home site. please guide us in this.
10 May 17, 10:41 AM
Team Nalanda: @G Raghuveer: Sir, it is payable.
4 May 17, 01:07 PM
G RAGHUVEER: Sir/Madam. Pl. clarify whether halting allowance of 30 days can be payable to an officer who came on transfer from another RO and stayed at Transit Camp of his new place of posting.
15 Dec 16, 05:47 PM
Meena to aseem khan: Date and time of inspection of the vehicle by the competent authority or the receipt of cheque whichever is later to be reckoned for commencement of insurance.
15 Nov 16, 11:36 AM
Dr. Mu Dhanasekaran: @Sanjeev: This is an auto immune disorder which sometimes warrants hospitalization and further follow up. We understand that the patient got admitted once and was advised for follow up treatment. You have indicated that it is there since 2014, therefore we have to ensure whether the policy has been taken even before to rule out reimbursement for the known ailment.
14 Nov 16, 03:41 PM
Meena to Miss. Shubhangi: It is a MMV crane, the DL should have either MMV Endt. or a Transport vehicle endorsement.Whenever there is ambiguity, It is always better to write to the RTO concerned either under RTI or through an investigator with a requisition in our letter pad.
10 Nov 16, 12:18 PM
Sanjeev: Dear Sir/Madam, In "Pemphigus Vulgaris"(Wounds and rotting skin on whole body-since 2014) disease patient is treated with injection - "Rituximab" twice at two different dates along with other medicines. On one instance hospitalisation is more than 24 hrs whereas at second instance its less than 24 hrs. Whether this claim is payable under Individual health policy or not.
8 Nov 16, 04:25 PM
Miss. Shubhangi Shah: We have covered Hydra Crane (Make : Action Construction Equipments, Class of vehicle :MMV Crane , Maker's classification: Rhino 110 C) under Motor Dept.- Miscellaneous and Special Types of vehicles. A claim is reported for damages while the crane was running on the ramp, driver lost the control and the crane fell into nearby water drain.The Driver's license is issued by RTO -Cuddalore for MCWG, LMV-TR ,LMV-GV WITH BADGE AND TRANSPORT.Pl let me know whether said license is valid for above crane
6 Nov 16, 08:58 PM
Ramarao: Sir, Recently our co. Introduced higher education loan 10 lakha. I have availed abroad loan 20 lakhs for my son from SBI. I have applied in our co. for loan takeover out standing balance. My out standing loan 20 lakhs at SBI. Am I eligible 10 lakhs transfer my loan account. Balance 10 lakhs I will pay as per bank norms like. EMI. As per circuler iam eligible for takeover loan. Problem is this is partial takeover. Pl. reply.
29 Sep 16, 04:15 PM
Meena to Vinayak: As already communicated to you, it is always best to check what the permit says since permit will clearly mention carriage of own goods only if the vehicle is solely used for his business/trade purpose only.
28 Sep 16, 08:34 AM
Vinayak T. Sutar: Dear Madam / Sir, Can we issue a "Goods Carrying Vehicles Class - A-2 - Pvt. Carrier policy to a vehicle which is registered as a Commercial Vehicle, but actually using that vehicle for delivery of own Unilever product.(insured has own Agency of Unilever product) By taking a "Declaration from insured" for using own business Purpose.As the same way a policy is being issued by another "PSU" insurance Co.
23 Sep 16, 03:38 PM
Meena to Vinayak: Some RTOs mention it in RC book as "Private Carrier". In case it is not mentioned in RC, ask for permit. In the permit it will be specifically mentioned.
23 Sep 16, 12:46 AM
Vinayak T. Sutar: Dear Madam/Sir, To whom we can issue a "Goods Carrying Vehicles Class - A-2 - PRIVATE CARRIERS POLICY, and how to confirm from RTO documents that the vehicle is specifically register for Private purposes and not for Hire & Reward. Please guide..
20 Sep 16, 01:13 PM
Team Nalanda: @GRS Rathore: Sir, please check your email for the General Administration Manual. It contains the details for the Maintenance & Destruction of Records.
20 Sep 16, 01:10 PM
Meena to Suhas: if the kit is not endorsed in RC/nor informed to the Ins. co., then claim is not admissible.In the second instance, if the RC is endorsed but not in the ins.cert.then so long as it is not material to the risk, then treat it as compromised settlement and settle the claim not exceeding 75% of the admissible claim amount.
18 Sep 16, 07:09 PM
GRS Rathore: Sir Madam . What is the procedure to destroy old record is there any circular or guideline or any General admin. Manual. If yes please send to me.
18 Sep 16, 06:57 PM
GRS Rathore: Sir/Madam what is the procedure to reimbursement of insurance premium for four wheeler vehicle loan to officer admin. Side up to scale III. Is there any guidelines or circular in this regard. Officers loan eligibility is RS 2.50lags while he purchased the car for rs.6.50 lace. What insurance prem. reimbursed to him.please confirm and send circular if any. Regards. Emp. No. 22030
14 Sep 16, 03:47 PM
Sudhir Pawar: Can we consider agricultural income as gainful income for paying a Table IV(weekly Compensation) claim in Individual; Personal Accident Policy?
8 Sep 16, 04:32 PM
SUHAS PALANDE: Sir/Madam, What could be the status of a OD claim in case of a Commercial Taxi Vehicle, when the CNG/LPG kit is fitted to the vehicle but not mentioned in RC or not informed to the insurance company, also if mentioned on RC but not informed to the insurance company.. Any guidelines or circular on the said issue.
11 Aug 16, 04:49 PM
Meena to Aseem Khan: As the DL is valid at the inception of taking the insurance, compulsory PA to owner-driver can be granted. Also inform the insured to ensure that his DL is valid throughout the pol. pd.
10 Aug 16, 12:32 PM
Aseem khan: Dear Sir/Madam, Whether we can provide Compulsory PA to Owner-Driver Cover to the insured whose Driving License validity is expiring in between the policy period Although at the time of taking the insurance its DL is valid.
9 Aug 16, 09:49 PM
SRINIVASAN SK AGD0126823: Need to have Complete details of Inland Transit Insurance Prospectus, Policy wordings Proposal form &Claim Form
9 Aug 16, 05:26 PM
Dr. Mu Dhanasekaran: @Arun P: In case of OMP Employment & Studies, the premium payable is on monthly basis and depends on the Contract Period / Academic Period. In the second case of OMP Business & Holidays, the policy can be renewed for a maximum of 180 days in addition to the initial 180 days period.
7 Aug 16, 08:27 PM
Arun p: dear sir, can overseas medicalim policy employment and studies be renewed.as per our company site policy can be renewed for min 2 months and max 12 months.if it can be renewed,how many times we can renew it.can we do th same for omp business and holidays also
29 Jul 16, 06:11 PM
Meena to Ajay Verma: A similar situation as the one you have referred was faced by New India Assurance, Chennai and they through an Investigator sought for clarification from RTO, RTO Chennai South west responded by saying the driver is allowed to drive both even though only the validity of Transport was mentioned. Hence, as already informed better get it clarifed from RTO Jaipur itself. Sending the clarification given by RTO as an attachment to your mail.
22 Jul 16, 04:01 PM
Ajay Verma: Ma'am, the DL issuing authority is RTO Jaipur
21 Jul 16, 11:49 AM
Meena to Ajay Verma: Pl. mention the DL issuing authority details. Usually in most of the southern states, renewal of licence of both trpt and non-trprt is done simultaneously. It is always best to write to the RTO concerned. Recently,
12 Jul 16, 12:26 PM
Ajay Verma: Hi, in case of OD claim of a private car, Driver having both NT and Transport DL,if the DL for Non Transport vehicle has expired and Transport Vehicle is valid, is the claim payable?
24 Jun 16, 04:56 PM
B Kannapiran: @Aseem: Sir, the dependent child can be covered up to the age of 25 years. The benefit up to Table 3 can be given to them in this case (excluding TTD - Table 4). Also, the S.I. shall be limited to a maximum of 25% the S.I. of the primary insured person (father or mother as the case may be).
24 Jun 16, 04:44 PM
Dr. Mu DHANASEKARAN: @K P Nair: Sir, dwarfs can be covered under our Health Policy as there is no exclusion subject to standard terms & conditions and eligibility criteria of the health policy. Kindly note that any congenital deformity (by birth and/or at the time of birth) and any pre-existing disease at the time of acceptance of proposal form are not covered.
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