31 Oct 17, 06:08 AM
L.B.: How goes it in the world of finance, SR?
4 Jun 17, 04:50 PM
SR: Nah just busy with work. I've recently got a promotion. Also I recently bought planet coaster so thats occupying me.
31 May 17, 09:35 AM
L.B.: Have you gone away again, good sir? :(
19 Apr 17, 10:02 PM
miss tickle: Hey SR! I hardly ever play Sims these days - and only TS3 when I do
18 Apr 17, 07:50 AM
L.B.: Honestly I think you're more legendary than I am, SR.
17 Apr 17, 03:11 PM
Vid: :biggrin: SR!!!!
16 Apr 17, 05:22 PM
SR: Cat lover player is still around. Blessed day
16 Apr 17, 05:15 PM
SR: Follow me in twitter y'all @zakaryquack
16 Apr 17, 04:17 PM
SR: Sad how far I've fallen.
16 Apr 17, 04:17 PM
SR: The forums are different. Having to go through this whole process just to become a member. I feel like such a noob. Sorta
16 Apr 17, 09:47 AM
SR: Thanks LB you are legend
16 Apr 17, 06:56 AM
L.B.: And I am still reading your posts, SR.
16 Apr 17, 06:55 AM
L.B.: About 100 of those views might be mine. VidKid20 has you on her list as well.
15 Apr 17, 11:54 PM
SR: I wonder if at least 300,000 of my views are my own views
15 Apr 17, 07:45 PM
SR: Three posts in two days. That's mora than all of 2016
14 Apr 17, 09:33 PM
SR: There will be a focus mainly on building I think so anyblogging will sorta focus on that but Idk I'll just let things naturally evolve
14 Apr 17, 09:32 PM
SR: Yea hopefully a comeback is in the cards
14 Apr 17, 03:52 PM
L.B,: OMG! Does this mean you're coming back, SR? :biggrin:
1 Sep 16, 07:28 AM
L.B.: Why did you have to disappear again, SR?
1 Aug 16, 04:53 PM
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