10 May 16, 09:56 AM
Giosemaiko: I've downloaded your mod Gas Mask of the world dog Fallout New Vegas. There are 2 images that are beautiful. Are nocturne images. Wich ENB or graphic mod have you used? Or is a rendering?
3 Dec 15, 12:49 AM
True: TheLozza , I pulled these models from the Metro 2033 , you would do to make them skin ?
29 Jun 15, 08:02 AM
Serbianmods: HI ! Can you add me ? :) http://gtasrbmods.blogspot.com/ thanks , and i added you !
23 Mar 15, 05:18 AM
InexplicableMyths: Hey, is it possible to do a skin similar to this? I really like the apocalypse style that it has. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-60mApIpaMjo/UiBonJcsBkI/AAAAAAAAAOg/-MHd3tP9v6A/s1600/JohnWalks.png
26 Dec 14, 05:44 AM
sas647: @TheLozza sorry for the late response xD well if you could, please reupload it i'm still making that mod. just what kind of support do ya need?
6 Dec 14, 12:06 PM
TheLozza: @SAS647 - Thats been down for some time, I could deffs reupload with some kind of support.
18 Nov 14, 09:55 PM
Carlzer: Ehm,I was hoping for an army clothings for CJ...Is this blog dead or what?
16 Nov 14, 10:06 PM
12 Nov 14, 12:57 AM
sas647: hey, can someone fix the link for this skin please, i'm looking to use it in a mod, i'll credit you of course http://thelozzasmods.blogspot.com.br/2011/10/wip-russian-chemical-response-unit.html
5 Nov 14, 04:22 PM
ArcLite: Can you please do a mw3 m4a1 with a Elican sight and another variant with a edtech and magnifier and another variant with an acog scope and please remove the fore grip and put no silencer thanks
5 Nov 14, 04:18 PM
ArcLite: Hey can I request a mod?
21 Oct 14, 12:43 AM
Carlzer: dude can u make army clothing for cj...pls
8 Sep 14, 08:10 PM
TheLozza: I'll try get round to it :)
8 Sep 14, 01:00 AM
deadlyshadow210: Mitchelldirtrider@gmail.com
8 Sep 14, 12:59 AM
deadlyshadow210: Ok e-mail me at this address and Ill send you the files :)
7 Sep 14, 10:18 PM
TheLozza: Yeah man, but in a months time or something, I'll get 3DS Max back then :)
3 Sep 14, 11:43 PM
deadlyshadow210: Would it be possible for you to do that if i got the necessary files?
3 Sep 14, 02:19 PM
TheLozza: He didn't make the model, he only rigged it to a skeleton.
3 Sep 14, 09:53 AM
deadlyshadow210: http://www.gta4-mods.com/player/battlefield-4-ru-assault-updated-f25636
3 Sep 14, 09:52 AM
deadlyshadow210: I think wappeddell made it, I don't know if he will let you convert it or not. But here is the URL
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