16 Feb 19, 12:46 PM
Webbmaster62: fixed
12 Feb 19, 07:07 PM
thanky: there are no link for ep 41 of eriko
10 Feb 19, 11:49 PM
mitamaking: 10 more, come on
9 Feb 19, 11:53 AM
Webbmaster62: lol I forgot about it. its on our files on IRC though.
8 Feb 19, 12:09 PM
Howdy: Thank you!
8 Feb 19, 10:13 AM
Anon: Thank you for the LoveCom batch! Just curious why you didn't include the DVD special you guys subbed (the MV)?
8 Feb 19, 06:39 AM
Webbmaster62: Doing it now.
6 Feb 19, 04:40 PM
Howdy: Any plans for a batch release of Lovely Complex DVDs? (Sorry if this has already been asked...)
6 Feb 19, 02:32 PM
Webbmaster62: These series have been planned foreer since we do milky homles
5 Feb 19, 02:27 PM
Black90: Not to be annoying, but before starting a new series isn't better to end the older one ?
3 Feb 19, 05:15 PM
someguy: awesome! I knew you guys would come through. I won't forget you and I'll be waiting patiently... ;-)
3 Feb 19, 03:52 PM
webbmaster62: we are working on new mikly holmes when come out as well as everything were behind in. kira subs is gone i believe lol
3 Feb 19, 06:59 AM
ugozz: ( bye also date-dude XD )
3 Feb 19, 06:57 AM
ugozz: Maybe I'll get that ep14v2 too, but anyway.. goodbye and farewell.
3 Feb 19, 06:52 AM
ugozz: That said.. I hope I'll never have to wait for a Kira-sub release again O_o'
3 Feb 19, 06:50 AM
ugozz: First thing first: thank you for finishing it.
3 Feb 19, 06:50 AM
ugozz: LC completed.. it's a miracle!
2 Feb 19, 10:41 PM
someguy: u guys doin the new milky holmes? i don't wanna have to watch HorribleSubs garbage
2 Feb 19, 09:32 PM
Webbmaster62: i liked the company
2 Feb 19, 07:47 PM
Monday, May 16, 2011:: Congratulations Kiteseekers. As a reward for your completion of this series you will never hear from me again. Huzzah!!!!!!!!
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