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05/25/18 10:09 PM
The odinson: anyone remember how to make the sig cicky
05/25/18 10:10 PM
Storm: ?
05/25/18 10:15 PM
The odinson: so like u click thte sig picture and it takes u to the bio
05/25/18 10:19 PM
Technoid: [url= the url] [*img] the image url [/img] [/url]
05/25/18 10:19 PM
Technoid: Without the asterisk of course
05/25/18 10:34 PM
The odinson: what got deleted?
05/25/18 10:34 PM
The odinson: ty tech
05/25/18 10:36 PM
Storm: no idea unless I hit by accident but I wasnt even on this page
05/25/18 10:41 PM
Technoid: I messed up the code is all
05/25/18 10:42 PM
Technoid: It just made [url=theurl]/url] which looked dumb
05/25/18 11:22 PM
Storm: gotcha
05/26/18 08:53 AM
Tattoo Angel: blah
05/26/18 02:06 PM
Technoid: Went and saw Deadpool 2, loved it
05/26/18 02:39 PM
Kalara: -sneaks in-
05/26/18 02:43 PM
Technoid: hey kal!
05/26/18 03:51 PM
Technoid: So much thunder
05/26/18 03:53 PM
Technoid: Summer storms all week almost
05/26/18 04:39 PM
Kalara: I'm stuck at Tech rehearsal all day
05/26/18 07:02 PM
Tattoo Angel: hey
05/26/18 10:16 PM
Storm: this request going out to Skully, bringing the rain ;) NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=335GdTqtyLs
05/26/18 11:50 PM
The odinson: ah\lolo i love me the a10
05/26/18 11:55 PM
Storm: keeeeeep going
05/27/18 08:24 AM
Storm: disclosure: Viper pilot I through Battletech confirms the last verse true.
05/27/18 08:24 AM
Storm: I know*
05/27/18 10:48 AM
Technoid: Sup peeps
05/27/18 10:54 AM
Storm: bout to go do cookout things
05/27/18 11:00 AM
Technoid: Nice. I put some baby backs in a slow cooker late last night and worked those to about midnight. Just gonna put 'em in the stove before the Momz gets home to get them hot again, but they're done
05/27/18 11:00 AM
Technoid: Weather isn't nice enough to do anything outside
05/27/18 11:02 AM
Storm: we're just doing brats, burgers, dogs etc
05/27/18 11:02 AM
The odinson: mmm memorial day
05/27/18 11:03 AM
The odinson: matress sales food. sweet sweet matress deals
05/27/18 11:05 AM
Storm: Lol
05/27/18 11:06 AM
Storm: Dont feel too bad; local country boy car dealership sds have country boy so nusy that sheriff andy had to show up
05/27/18 12:17 PM
Tattoo Angel: plop
05/27/18 02:23 PM
Kalara: -twirls-
05/27/18 02:36 PM
Technoid: I am trying to contain any hope I have for KH3, because I'm trying to be salty about how long it's been
05/27/18 02:36 PM
Technoid: But it looks so cool
05/27/18 02:41 PM
Kalara: I havent looked into it
05/27/18 02:47 PM
Technoid: There was a demo thing that was going around last week
05/27/18 02:47 PM
Technoid: Showed off lots of gameplay. It looks so good. But. Still. Trying to not get my hopes up.
05/27/18 02:50 PM
Kalara: thats understandable
05/27/18 04:26 PM
Storm: -pokes-
05/27/18 05:05 PM
X-23/Loki: *Tired return poke*
05/27/18 06:48 PM
Tattoo Angel: plop
05/27/18 07:34 PM
Storm: -plops on TA- Hello
05/27/18 07:52 PM
DJ: -stagepyro-
05/27/18 08:04 PM
Technoid: Ribs turned out awesome!
05/27/18 08:05 PM
Technoid: Wish I could've made something other than beans
05/27/18 08:30 PM
Power Woman: Hi all, and storm.
05/27/18 09:16 PM
Technoid: Heya PW
05/27/18 09:44 PM
Power Woman: Hi, tech. How are you?
05/27/18 10:01 PM
Technoid: All good here
05/27/18 10:03 PM
Storm: I know you love me PW, its why you single me out ;)
05/27/18 10:04 PM
Power Woman: *hugs storm*
05/27/18 10:05 PM
Power Woman: I caught your remark in our thread. Im gonna get you!
05/27/18 10:05 PM
Power Woman: Lol
05/27/18 10:06 PM
Storm: Remark? What remark? ๐Ÿ˜‡
05/27/18 10:09 PM
Storm: โšก๐Ÿ’งโšก๐Ÿ’งโšก๐Ÿ’งโšกโ„โ„โ„โ„
05/27/18 10:18 PM
Power Woman: You know what remark! Lol! I replied too!
05/27/18 10:23 PM
Tattoo Angel: Tag Thor
05/27/18 10:24 PM
Power Woman: Sup TA
05/27/18 10:25 PM
Tattoo Angel: nothing listening to music had a rest day, tomorrow I'm packing
05/27/18 10:25 PM
Power Woman: Nice
05/27/18 10:33 PM
Tattoo Angel: Yeah need togo get some bins to pack things away
05/27/18 10:38 PM
Power Woman: where are you going?
05/27/18 10:43 PM
Tattoo Angel: Fiance and I are moving the end of next month. Gonna put up an absense on here the closer it gets
05/27/18 10:44 PM
The odinson: lolo shes so cute
05/27/18 10:45 PM
Tattoo Angel: elena is my sweet sad baby kitten
05/27/18 10:45 PM
The odinson: lolo
05/27/18 10:46 PM
Tattoo Angel: bedtime
05/27/18 10:55 PM
Technoid: Horseflies are evil
05/27/18 10:56 PM
Technoid: I can hear them bashing themselves against my window to get at me
05/28/18 12:03 AM
The odinson: wow i just went on a crazy cable managment s[pree
05/28/18 12:06 AM
Storm: how crazy?
05/28/18 12:06 AM
Storm: all your computer cables are now labeled and color-coded and zip-tied together?
05/28/18 12:08 AM
The odinson: if i had zipties
05/28/18 12:08 AM
The odinson: omg
05/28/18 12:11 AM
Storm: lol
05/28/18 01:20 AM
Storm: -zaps anyone still awake-
05/28/18 01:27 AM
Storm: watching a low budget 1812 film called Mohawk. Action/horror I guess. decent and worth watching
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