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08/23/17 07:04 PM
Typhoid Mary: gah three days behind on my YT subs. 120+ vids :/
08/23/17 07:33 PM
Dia: Sucks???
08/23/17 07:34 PM
Gremlin: *pokes head in*
08/23/17 07:37 PM
Dia: I've got a partial post in my head for hope. So we aren't taking over bun's thread did you want to do a new one or end things?
08/23/17 07:38 PM
Gremlin: Sure works for me
08/23/17 07:39 PM
Dia: Which one?
08/23/17 07:39 PM
Dia: End or new?
08/23/17 07:40 PM
Power Woman: Hi all..... and dia.....
08/23/17 07:41 PM
Dia: Sup p double ya
08/23/17 07:42 PM
Power Woman: Dee-ya!
08/23/17 07:42 PM
Dia: That's what he says every time 😉
08/23/17 07:43 PM
Power Woman: Lol
08/23/17 07:43 PM
Power Woman: I want to threaf!
08/23/17 07:44 PM
Dia: I don't have mand people
08/23/17 07:45 PM
Power Woman: Thats cool
08/23/17 07:54 PM
Power Woman: Every thread has stalled.
08/23/17 08:09 PM
Gremlin: new works for me
08/23/17 08:31 PM
Jayde Monroe: Hi
08/23/17 08:31 PM
Collector 97: Hello.
08/23/17 08:34 PM
Jayde Monroe: Need to post
08/23/17 08:36 PM
Collector 97: Same. I think it's time for another Osmose thread.
08/23/17 08:36 PM
Jayde Monroe: Yeah ear infection has been kicking my butt
08/23/17 09:09 PM
Power Woman: *bear hugs gremlin*
08/23/17 09:40 PM
Gremlin: GACK HURK *is being crushed*
08/23/17 09:55 PM
Typhoid Mary: -claws Carol-
08/23/17 10:04 PM
Power Woman: Hi mary
08/23/17 10:04 PM
Power Woman: *lets go of gremlin*
08/23/17 10:05 PM
Typhoid Mary: Hiiii
08/23/17 10:22 PM
Gremlin: *flops to the floor and gasps like a gaffed tuna*
08/23/17 10:43 PM
Captain marvel: lolo great post pauly
08/23/17 10:43 PM
Captain marvel: sorry i gave u garbage to work with
08/23/17 10:44 PM
Typhoid Mary: actually I clawed you cuz you called the Mustang unwieldy :P
08/23/17 10:49 PM
Facedancer: Ahoy all.
08/23/17 10:50 PM
Typhoid Mary: -claws Face-
08/23/17 10:50 PM
Typhoid Mary: greetings
08/23/17 11:16 PM
Facedancer: Hiya. Sorry for the two-hour delay... parents are a thing that is.
08/23/17 11:17 PM
Facedancer: Wait... oh, the Cbox clock's off again, it's on central time, so I look at it and go, "10:50?! It's midnight!" Bah.
08/23/17 11:21 PM
Typhoid Mary: -perches on-
08/23/17 11:29 PM
Facedancer: -wonders idly when he turned into a good perching spot-
08/23/17 11:31 PM
Typhoid Mary: When i got wings n claws
08/23/17 11:34 PM
Captain marvel: what in terms comparison to the quinjwt it is unweildy its all analogue
08/23/17 11:36 PM
Facedancer: Huh?
08/23/17 11:36 PM
Facedancer: By the way, I saw something on FB that picqued my interest - did Marvel just give Punisher the War Machine suit?
08/23/17 11:37 PM
Typhoid Mary: I'd actually be ok with that
08/23/17 11:37 PM
Captain marvel: thats...
08/23/17 11:37 PM
Captain marvel: .. hmm
08/23/17 11:38 PM
Captain marvel: ill have to check out this legacy thing
08/23/17 11:41 PM
Technoid: It looks pretty good.
08/23/17 11:41 PM
Captain marvel: anyone up on current marvel?
08/23/17 11:42 PM
Captain marvel: is it ok to pick up carols book again i dropped that like hot peice of garbage when cw 2 happened
08/23/17 11:42 PM
Typhoid Mary: Eh not liking legacy from whatvive seen
08/23/17 11:44 PM
Captain marvel: why?
08/23/17 11:44 PM
Technoid: Dunno why you thought her run was hot garbage, I was liking it
08/23/17 11:45 PM
Typhoid Mary: Mostly the classic heroes are outshined and/or unneccessary in the stories.
08/23/17 11:45 PM
Technoid: Mighty Captain Marvel is pretty good
08/23/17 11:49 PM
Captain marvel: o her run was great
08/23/17 11:49 PM
Captain marvel: but im not supporting anything with Civil war in the title
08/23/17 11:50 PM
Technoid: I actually enjoyed it. The only thing I can complain about was it felt rushed, but otherwise I understood the conflict
08/23/17 11:51 PM
Captain marvel: wasnt it like minority report
08/23/17 11:52 PM
Technoid: Yeah, a Nuhuman could see the future, accurately predicted major threats, and Carol decided to use him to catch every threat before it happened.
08/23/17 11:54 PM
Captain marvel: mmmm
08/24/17 12:05 AM
Facedancer: Wait, Minority report the Dick story?
08/24/17 12:06 AM
Facedancer: Hm; precrime's a dangerous road to travel.
08/24/17 12:07 AM
Technoid: Which everyone learned the hard way :P
08/24/17 12:08 AM
Technoid: But there's been interesting repurcussions from that and the Secret War before it, lots of fun things
08/24/17 12:15 AM
Captain marvel: -screechyes and throws controller
08/24/17 12:16 AM
Technoid: *catches the controller* Careful, you almost broke that
08/24/17 12:16 AM
Captain marvel: freaking captain hook man
08/24/17 12:17 AM
Technoid: More Kingdom Hearts? :P
08/24/17 12:19 AM
Captain marvel: yes
08/24/17 12:46 AM
Facedancer: Having never played anything but KH1 & CoM (ex loved the series, I only cared about literally one thing - Squall voiced by Angel), I feel as though saying, "tick-tock, tick-tock" might get Skull murderous in my general direction.
08/24/17 12:50 AM
Captain marvel: this game is the right level of difficuly
08/24/17 12:50 AM
Captain marvel: tivck tock?
08/24/17 12:59 AM
Facedancer: The clock in the crocodile's belly?
08/24/17 01:00 AM
Captain marvel: is that from chain of memories
08/24/17 01:03 AM
Facedancer: No, it's from Peter Pan.
08/24/17 01:04 AM
Captain marvel: well duh i mean is that in chain of memoriws im in neverlandlow and no crocidile ticking im at the end of the first game
08/24/17 01:11 AM
Facedancer: I thought he was a stage obstacle or something.
08/24/17 01:18 AM
Captain marvel: hese floating outside the ship waiting for hook to lose
08/24/17 01:21 AM
Facedancer: Alright.
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