20 Aug 15, 01:47 PM
Kyle: SO EXCITED for Rachel Tucker!
9 Nov 14, 12:34 PM
Kim: Hi :) Just found this website and I absolutely adore it :D So cool that you got the seal of approval :D
6 Nov 14, 09:08 PM
Tom: sorry I meant like past tour dates since both the torus opened? would be great to see it's whole journey!
29 Oct 14, 05:21 PM
ADMIN: Tom, just head to wickedthemusical.com, and look for the tour dates. It will distinguish between the tours for you!
29 Oct 14, 11:00 AM
Tom: Does anyone know how I can see all the tour dates for both tours since the start?
16 Jul 14, 12:32 PM
Kyle (Admin): Maria, I am so glad you enjoyed the show! :)
27 Jun 14, 02:57 PM
Maria: I just saw Wicked, for the first time, yesterday at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver for my birthday! I was completely blown away and the experience was truly unforgettable!!
17 Apr 14, 05:52 PM
ADMIN: Katy, just head to the stage door after the show, and she usually will come out and sign and take pictures with the rest of the cast! :) Good luck!
14 Apr 14, 07:20 PM
Katy: I absolutely love Christine dwyer and want to meet her help!
21 Jan 14, 06:46 PM
David: I loved the show at the Benedum center. Alison Luff is great and I really loved Curt Hansen and Gina Beck too!
2 Dec 13, 12:55 PM
Kelly: I love the questions you ask in your interviews they are so different and cool
29 Nov 13, 12:55 PM
lulila: the best elphaba is Idina now and forever
12 Nov 13, 06:12 AM
JPG: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Queremos-Wicked-en-Espa%C3%B1a/241546519331974
9 Nov 13, 12:55 AM
Casey: For your questions video: What do you think of people who are super critical of new cast members?
23 Oct 13, 04:42 PM
Jessica: This is an amazing fan site, my favorite of them all. I was so happy when you got mentioned by Wicked today!
15 Oct 13, 09:02 PM
Jake: Curt Hansen is pure sex.
7 Oct 13, 09:26 PM
Kelly: <3 this site. It's gorgeous!
3 Sep 13, 05:57 PM
Maddy: OMG!! I love Derek Klena he's so gorgeous and beautiful. xoxox Thanks for this site <3
3 Sep 13, 09:37 AM
Miranda: this is relly good. just say ing.
24 Aug 13, 04:52 PM
Nina: :)
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