14 Aug 20, 12:31 PM
giantboyszone: @Cody Thank you, we'll add it soon @Jacob It has already been added a while ago. Thank you anyway for the link ;)
14 Aug 20, 10:14 AM
Jacob: Here is the link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=blrzEQdbgyE
14 Aug 20, 10:14 AM
Jacob: Hey i thought that you might want to add this to your youtube users section in the library, towards the end a boy is shrunk then he is picked up by his older brother.
14 Aug 20, 09:03 AM
Cody: A giant boys foot crushing a city https://youtu.be/UXqe11FwySM
14 Aug 20, 08:02 AM
Kiwiczek1: Who love giant boys in ages 14-21 ? With muscle abs and fit body ? Who love be swallowing crushing by them ? Come to me on skype kiwiczek1 =D
11 Aug 20, 01:34 PM
giantboyszone: @Mrkiller If you could email us, we could solve your payment problem
11 Aug 20, 12:58 PM
Mrkiller: but hey how many people that useing your website
11 Aug 20, 12:58 PM
Mrkiller: We should need more people to make a great community
11 Aug 20, 12:55 PM
giantboyszone: @Mrkiller What is the problem exactly? Please email us at giantboyszone@yahoo.com in order to try this problem better
11 Aug 20, 04:21 AM
bpvxvqd: giantboyszone: I cannot believe that no one has ever watch around the world
11 Aug 20, 02:03 AM
Mrkiller: bc am from Saudi Arabia and its hard to paying
11 Aug 20, 02:03 AM
Mrkiller: Hey guys i gotta problem with film payment i try to pay the little giant hayawata but it didn't work for me about the payment should i use visa account
11 Aug 20, 12:13 AM
Cody: The link to the sock walk http://fav.me/de2kicr the other link http://fav.me/de2kib5
11 Aug 20, 12:10 AM
Cody: Sorry Tim i put the wrong name in i mean nice Tim i saw the tiny in his sock
11 Aug 20, 12:09 AM
Tim: Nice i saw the tiny in his his sock
10 Aug 20, 07:45 PM
giantboyszone: @Tim Very awesome find! Thank you so much for the link! :D
10 Aug 20, 01:11 PM
Tim: Here is link. It is called Karma. https://www.deviantart.com/skvizgar/art/Karma-1-849648091
10 Aug 20, 01:10 PM
Tim: Found this sixteen pics boys find shrunken bully and end up takinhttps://www.deviantart.com/skvizgar/art/Karma-1-849648091 g home in sock. Not bad.
8 Aug 20, 10:01 PM
giantboyszone: @Glkthread It looks great. Unfortunately we don't have enough time for dedicating to the Library, for the moment we'll stay this way, but we'll consider it for a future, thank you for the suggestion ;)
8 Aug 20, 09:15 PM
Glkthread: Kinda like the GTS wikia does: https://giantess.miraheze.org/wiki/Western_animation
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