22 Jan 20, 08:35 AM
Tim: Hi: Just purchased the movie Underfoot.
21 Jan 20, 01:44 PM
giantboyszone: @Cody Great pictures! Thank you!
21 Jan 20, 02:44 AM
Cody: Cody rides in another boys flip flops https://pasteboard.co/IQXBO62.jpg
21 Jan 20, 02:43 AM
Cody: Cody rides in giant boys flip flops https://pasteboard.co/IQXB2hp.jpg
19 Jan 20, 10:36 PM
giantboyszone: @Jenna Thank you so much for the link! We'll add it soon! ;)
19 Jan 20, 09:59 PM
Jenna: https://youtu.be/hxqccqYWZsE. Giant Ness
19 Jan 20, 08:58 PM
AG: awesome :D
19 Jan 20, 07:22 PM
giantboyszone: @AG Thank you so much for your great support AG! We have 80% of the comic, we expect it'll be finished at the end of January or in the beginning of February! Kind Greetings! :D
19 Jan 20, 07:08 PM
AG: any date on when the comic will be done ?? just bought it and I want more :P
16 Jan 20, 02:28 PM
giantboyszone: Guys while we're working in the comic, you'd help us so much if you buy some of our previous works. We need your support for keeping producing more projects for you. We hope we can count on you guys!
16 Jan 20, 02:22 PM
giantboyszone: @Sean Hi Sean! Once we finished the Daddy I shrunk my sisters series, we'll start with the 2 part of Microtopia, we think, it'll be in the middle of this year. Thank you for your interest! ;)
16 Jan 20, 03:11 AM
Sean Nicely: When will you guys finish microtopia in danger part 2
15 Jan 20, 07:37 AM
Cody: Im not into Furries but i had a dream i was holding onto a giant bears furry paw as he walked
14 Jan 20, 04:27 PM
giantboyszone: @Ricky Awesome! Sure! We'll send you those trailers to your email! ;)
14 Jan 20, 03:14 AM
Ricky: I am planning to buy Underfoot movie and shrinking santa can you send me the trailer of those movie on my email.
7 Jan 20, 05:47 PM
giantboyszone: @Shower Awesome! We'll be alert! @Chris We've added the links in the Forum/For the Library/Anime/Doraemon section
7 Jan 20, 02:50 PM
Chris: I need help trying to find doraemon episode 471 small-size nobita faces the oni
7 Jan 20, 03:41 AM
Shower: Help, I shrunk my friends will be out somewhere around Christmas Season this year.
6 Jan 20, 08:56 PM
giantboyszone: @AG We'd like to know too! We hope someone can help us with that later! ;)
6 Jan 20, 08:55 PM
giantboyszone: @Javon Once the comic series is finished, we'll start the second part of Microtopia, thank you for your interest! :D
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