9 Dec 18, 03:23 PM
giantboyszone: @Shower Sounds interesting! Was it about an animated serie, a movie, an anime, a home video? When was it deleted?
9 Dec 18, 10:36 AM
Shower: I'm searching a video which is calles "Shrunk - Luca's toy" (I don't know the exact title), where a boy shrinks in first-person and is bullied by his friend. The video was deleted very quick from YT
5 Dec 18, 02:04 PM
giantboyszone: @giantttt Great idea for christmas! ;)
5 Dec 18, 07:37 AM
giantttttttttttttttttttt: I dream about christmass video where 3 gentle giant kids get 3 tinys for a gift. Tinys have a one dream. To be swallowing alive. So giants swallowing them gentle :3
4 Dec 18, 06:47 PM
giantboyszone: @Sizespotter It counts (leaving the part he explodes), but it's enough to add it, we'll do it soon, thank you for the information
4 Dec 18, 06:45 PM
giantboyszone: @Cobra Thank you for the information, we'll add it soon!
4 Dec 18, 04:23 PM
Size spotter: Idk if this counts but in episode 124 of naruto shipuden there’s a giant deidara at the beginning
4 Dec 18, 01:41 AM
Cobra: A giant
4 Dec 18, 01:41 AM
Cobra: In episode 8 of of voice of fox. There’s a brief moment where Kong que sees himself as
29 Nov 18, 01:52 PM
giantboyszone: ....metioned here. Thank you for the link ;)
29 Nov 18, 01:52 PM
giantboyszone: @Cobra It's a great find, thank you! However we can't add it because according to our rules, the growing transformation has to be on height only without alterations in their bodies. Anyway it'll be...
29 Nov 18, 02:02 AM
Cobra: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rCQvCz6qfrw&index=21&list=PLCLNYU5mXA-pV48rCI39txw2E8z3u22hp&t=0s
29 Nov 18, 02:02 AM
Cobra: There was an episode of Jacob two two where he sprays himself with a tomato growth serum and starts to grow giant and red. Think it was called jabob two two and the too big tomato
25 Nov 18, 02:57 PM
giantboyszone: @Javon We are doing some tests yet, perhaps we'll let you know until the beginning of the upcoming year
25 Nov 18, 01:03 PM
Javon: Any news from next movie? I hope to see megagiants again
23 Nov 18, 04:25 PM
hey: :)
16 Nov 18, 04:21 PM
giantboyszone: @anonymous Interesting channel, could you link us just the shrinking videos with boys interactions? Because we've noticed almost all shrinking episodes of Indian series have giantess interactions :(
16 Nov 18, 01:54 AM
anonymous: Check on these, most Indian series got shrinking scenes! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-F5tO8uklgE9Zy8IvbdFw
11 Nov 18, 03:23 PM
giantboyszone: .....there, anyway today we've sent you the movie to your hotmail mail, just in case you didn't receive it in your gmail mail. Please let us know if you got to receive it finally :)
11 Nov 18, 03:20 PM
giantboyszone: @Dani That movie was sent to you since Friday to your gmail mail, because your 2nd payment was from gmail, if you didn't receive it, please check out your spam mail, sometimes our messages are sent...
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