10 May 18, 07:06 AM
kimchamng@gmail.com: I'm gratefull any information about Mr. Trung
10 May 18, 07:03 AM
kimchamng@gmail.com: Looking for Mr. Trung (alias Thanh), in PRPC since 1988 as 30 years old. Hometown is Da Nang VN
12 Jan 18, 01:20 PM
Calvin Roberts: Does anyone reading this have any info on what happened to him? Any information would be appreciated
12 Jan 18, 01:19 PM
Calvin Roberts: Raymond's father was African American and Raymond didn't look Vietnamese.
12 Jan 18, 01:18 PM
Calvin Roberts: I'm looking for an Amerasian named Raymond Chau Van Ree. He was at the PRPC during Pinitubo eruption
10 May 17, 08:52 AM
Sally Nguyen: my email is Sallytrunguyen@gmail.com
10 May 17, 08:51 AM
Sally Nguyen: Hung Nguyen was half white (holland as they would say) and half Vietnams
10 May 17, 08:50 AM
Sally Nguyen: His mom was My Nguyen or Mia Nguyen and her other two sons are Duuyn Nguyen and Son Nguyen
10 May 17, 08:50 AM
Sally Nguyen: I am looking for my father and his family. His name is Hung Nguyen.
6 Jan 17, 10:19 PM
my nguyen: Does anyone know if this place is open to visitors or tours if I visit the Philippines in March 2016
18 Dec 16, 03:19 PM
mabuhayboyet@gmail: Im still looking for Nguyen Thit Aime( Ana) She knows my name as Boyet, She went to NYC
11 Sep 16, 03:16 PM
Rafael Naldoza: looking for Aime Thit Nguyen, Was there in 1988-1989. Looking forward to reconnecting.
25 Jun 16, 02:15 PM
Son Tang: 13 Jan 16, 04:31 PM Son: Cac ban trong doi da banh la: Tinh 505, Trieu 506, Cuong (Con) 506, va Son
13 Jan 16, 04:31 PM
Son: Cac ban trong doi da banh la: Tinh 505, Trieu 506, Cuong (Con) 506, va Son 515
24 Dec 15, 09:10 PM
Con: I was there from around 86-87. We left there and immigrated to Sioux city IA on 17th December 1987.
23 Dec 15, 04:01 PM
Son Tang: Son o 515G vao cuoi nam 1988 va hoc truong PASS. Neu ban nao con nho xin lien lac: son.tang@gm.com
24 Sep 15, 06:28 AM
Tam: So refreshing! I was there in 1989 as an 8 year old. I finally found some answers! Thank you!
24 May 15, 10:18 PM
Ivy Peralta: Do you know any refugees who are still staying here the Philippines? Thanks!I also sent you an email
14 May 15, 03:09 PM
edgar: thanks gaylord for you were able to capture the moments there. I missed this place so much.God bless
14 May 15, 03:08 PM
edgar: -across prpc.
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