21 Feb 17, 08:21 PM
Teoboo: Oh, those weren't included in the scanned magazine raw.
21 Feb 17, 08:17 PM
leon990: @eden Sorry those two were extra gag pages that weren't in the original release back in 2013 I'll translate those too.
21 Feb 17, 06:22 PM
Eden: https://e-hentai.org/s/ff492397d9/946754-117
21 Feb 17, 06:22 PM
Eden: https://e-hentai.org/s/4f35a42c71/946754-116
21 Feb 17, 06:22 PM
Eden: Thank you very much but one or two pages are missing?
21 Feb 17, 02:03 PM
leon990: @Anon Vanilla Lynx, Tri Edge is one of them. I don't remember the others haha...
21 Feb 17, 04:57 AM
Anon: Could you at least give us the names of the comics you translated?
18 Feb 17, 12:34 PM
leon990: @Anon they'll show up on myreadingmanga.info usually.
16 Feb 17, 02:38 AM
celestica: what's the progress of Noda Gaku?
11 Feb 17, 05:00 AM
Anon: Where we can found the transaltions that you don't share here?
7 Feb 17, 08:38 PM
anon: @ddkktt I like it and would like a translation, but he'd need a japanese version that one is chinese
7 Feb 17, 03:47 AM
ddkktt: http://baramangaonline.com/chi-haruna-%e6%a6%9b%e5%90%8d-suvwave-%e5%b2%81%e6%9c%88%e4%b8%8e%e4%bd%a0%e7%9a%84%e9%9d%a2%e5%bd%b1/ please consider this manga it looks super cute and romantic
3 Feb 17, 12:07 AM
anon: has he disappeared again? T.T We miss you Leon
30 Jan 17, 03:01 PM
Abu: Any news on more abunai kankei?
20 Jan 17, 04:51 AM
Natsume: You interested in translating Tooboe Bookmark chapter 10?
6 Jan 17, 01:04 AM
karmakat: the price depends on the amount of pages mostly if i am not wrong GI
4 Jan 17, 01:44 AM
Gl: Curious but how much is a translation comission?
3 Jan 17, 10:17 PM
Anon: If you mean the hell series, yeah thats meh in my opinion, I'd e more interested in the ichigo ichie one, and its possible sequel, XD, but regardless thanks for all you do.
2 Jan 17, 06:25 PM
leon990: I had no interest*
2 Jan 17, 06:25 PM
leon990: @anon his last ones he's been releasing were pretty uninteresting to me personally so I had interest in investing my time to translate them for free
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