2 Feb 15, 03:55 AM
bumper: bumps
18 Nov 13, 05:48 AM
ace: hi waylander wat air compressor and air brush will u recommend for newbie? tks
19 Mar 13, 06:22 PM
Waylander: Thanks :) I'm good. Watch out for WIPs!
5 Mar 13, 04:23 PM
24mech: bro, can't wait till your next ost. it's been awhile. hope you and your family are ok.
8 Jan 13, 10:44 PM
Waylander: Yup quick type. I find that it works better than the smooth type. And it's quite smooth anyway. No prob good luck! :)
7 Jan 13, 06:14 PM
chunyik: looking forward to see more of your awesome gunpla mods!
7 Jan 13, 06:14 PM
chunyik: ohhh ok. the tamiya epoxy putty u using is the quick type one i suppose? cos i'm using the white/green one which takes more time to cure. anyhow, thank you for your answers to my questions!
7 Jan 13, 05:46 PM
Waylander: Yup I use Tamiya 2part epoxy. I find that works the best. Yellow and white one. As for how they make a mould that can be removed, I can only assume that it was sanded down to fit the armour.
7 Jan 13, 02:31 AM
chunyik: maybe it's the type of putty used? i havent had much experience with kit mods and stuffs till recently and only been exposed to tamiya 2part epoxy putty..hmmm..
7 Jan 13, 02:30 AM
chunyik: hey. i shall upload to a host site. it's like the inner skirt where its empty and people usually fill them up and can remove them to design/paint. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/123jnw.jpg/
6 Jan 13, 03:12 PM
Waylander: Hi bri, I cannot access the link as I think it is broken, so I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. Do you have another pic?
6 Jan 13, 12:23 PM
chunyik: hi waylander. i have a question. how do ppl actually putty the inner skirt of the gundam that can be taken out. smth like this: http://ewaczone.web.fc2.com/00-g.JPG
16 Dec 12, 02:32 AM
Waylander: Yup sure thing bro. My trip is still a month away though... :P
16 Dec 12, 12:16 AM
nihogg: hope this info helps; do report when you get back :D
16 Dec 12, 12:16 AM
nihogg: have a greater mark down than others; nt sure why though. and almost all shop owners only speak canton. 鴻發 @ wanchai is also gone. didnt get to go toywave thou
16 Dec 12, 12:11 AM
nihogg: hey,back frm hk. Bascially, only shops i saw that sold zoids were those that stocked gunpla too. Prices are a tend cheaper than sg (waile, ying ming). selection is quite limited too. but some kits
10 Dec 12, 08:01 PM
Waylander: Ooo awesome. I'll study it. Thnx man! ;P
7 Dec 12, 07:14 PM
nihogg: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgCr6twgcmeJcFhfWkt3RG9naGROVnFySjZiQlJWWmc&hl=en#gid=3
7 Dec 12, 07:13 PM
nihogg: http://www.kristykwan.com//thomas/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=13
7 Dec 12, 07:13 PM
nihogg: anw, i have 2 links here, 1 is a map of mongkok area, the other is the most comprehensive list of model shops in the area so far, its in chinese though
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