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01/16/17 04:30 PM
serene1: Hello Max can you find the movie Manchester By The Sea, Thanks in Advance
01/16/17 01:51 PM
harimani: can we have WII rom section alive again???many games still in filesonic etc....please reupload to rarefile sir...sorry if bothering....
01/16/17 11:57 AM
thonixs: Hi Max I just hope to get more LYNDA training for new adobe products. Thanks
01/15/17 11:39 PM
gmonly: chuck108, I just got mine to. they said it was a problem, they have it fixed now. yes, it would be nice to let people know, in a reply to the email.
01/15/17 10:56 PM
chuck108: gmonly. I just got my key! So all's good. They must have had a problem. Although it might have been better to at least let us know.
01/15/17 02:45 PM
gmonly: hi chuck108, I haven't received an email from them either, if I wait 24 hours, I will call my bank and get my money back. I will not wait any longer then that.
01/15/17 02:34 PM
gmonly: 7 hours and still no key, I emailed rarefile and hostpaket over 6 ago, and still no response and no key
01/15/17 01:27 PM
naomi: Max wla pba yung kay VIce na Parental Guardians
01/15/17 01:09 PM
chuck108: anyone else not getting their keys that they purchased?
01/15/17 12:56 PM
chuck108: gmonly, Max said to email rarefile. I emailed rarefile and hostpaket and still no response and no key!
01/15/17 12:52 PM
chuck108: gmonly, I boughtand have been waiting 24 hrs and still no key. no answers to emails from anyone either.
01/15/17 12:13 PM
BountyHunter: "north dallas forty"
01/15/17 12:13 PM
BountyHunter: hi max - clould you please upload "north dallas forth" starring Nick Nolte - thank u very much
01/15/17 11:25 AM
paulyr: Looking for Campin' Buddies with Ray Stevens & Tom Lester. Any chance you can find? Thanks for all you do!
01/15/17 11:14 AM
geoiskewl: Max look for operation mekong badass flick need it subtitles bad ass without it though
01/15/17 08:13 AM
gmonly: hostpaket and rarefile are slow with the key today, over 30 min and no key yet
01/15/17 04:41 AM
David: Do you have the Netflix series 'Travelers' available as a webrip?
01/15/17 02:52 AM
Tran: Do you have "Virtual Hair Studio"? Thanks
01/15/17 02:29 AM
sjc3414: Any news on Vikings season 5? It isn't even on my android box!! Missed some episodes and need to catch up!! :( Thank you
01/15/17 01:26 AM
LaxMan: Hey, Max. Have you seen the Epix series "Graves" out there?
01/14/17 11:31 PM
Brand New Guy: Do you have "Wedding Crashers [2005]" in bluray please?
01/14/17 11:20 PM
alegaspi16: anyone with Nikon D750 tutorial Pls.....
01/14/17 12:40 PM
teno: pashare nmn anu ba iba pang site n similar d2
01/14/17 11:08 AM
theo: die beautiful please? :(
01/14/17 07:19 AM
gmonly: your welcome Purple Demon :)
01/14/17 06:19 AM
deano63: Hi Max, can you please upload DeepSpar disk imager, and Find and mount pro if you have them available.....Kind regards Deano63
01/14/17 02:00 AM
muscletone: Hello Guys. Is it possible to upload Horrible Histories series?? Thanx for yourmost excellent work.
01/14/17 01:34 AM
Purple Demon: Hello fschou, Try downloading Zero Charisma from the rarefile links on this page: [link] There is no password required. Thank you very much gmonly :)
01/13/17 10:14 PM
shux69: Hi AYL.com Team. Kindly upload if by any chance you have a file of CyberLink Power2Go Ver. 11. Thanks guys.
01/13/17 04:01 PM
gmonly: this one is the one Purple Demon: Zero Charisma (2013) WEB-DL x264
01/13/17 03:58 PM
gmonly: Hello Purple Demon I seen that one, the other one is the one I was talking of
01/13/17 01:07 PM
PM: Would youbhave the PIXL movie Love On The Vines?
01/13/17 12:28 PM
Purple Demon: Hello gmonly, It does not need a password, The rar files all are at 0KB. They still download the title of rar, but no data
01/13/17 10:29 AM
gmonly: @fschou, are you using winzip to extract that.
01/13/17 10:12 AM
gmonly: @naomi, is this what you are looking for:The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)
01/13/17 10:07 AM
gmonly: @raju, here is Sing (2016)
01/13/17 06:23 AM
naomi: may mas magandang kopy nba The girl with all the gifts
01/13/17 06:22 AM
naomi: Max bka may bluray kna ng ONE PIECE FILM GOLD..Nag release na daw ang Japan eh
01/13/17 04:09 AM
grandpa: Any chance to get Turbo Tax Canadian version soon
01/13/17 01:37 AM
Purple Demon: Hello Bruce. Are you by chance trying to log into different devices? When I change from my laptop t desktop, it logs me out of my laptop and vice versa. Also ensure your browser is not set to clear browsing history etc on closing it.
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