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03/18/18 02:50 AM
Sungwu: I wonder if you can get us UNDERSTANDING TRUMP, Newt Gingrich
03/18/18 02:05 AM
francisVIP: Max do you have the old 90a teleserye japanese "Shaider" "MaskMan" MachineMan" Mask Rider Black"
03/18/18 01:03 AM
Torch9: Hi Max. New Filipino movies please. Thanks
03/18/18 01:03 AM
michaeld1928@gmail.com: Max, I am looking for a movie called "Bright" with Will Smith. Thanks
03/18/18 12:37 AM
mj017: Hello, Max! Have a request for "Monty Python's Meaning of Life" (1983). TIA!
03/17/18 11:01 PM
casper102013: Hi Max, hope you could re upload Working with Microsoft Office 365 – Running Your Small Business in the Cloud eBook Tutorial and other books related to Office 365. Planning to take certification. TY in advance
03/17/18 09:07 PM
RobStevensCairo: Cilla Complete Series 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H 264 DD+2.0
03/17/18 09:06 PM
RobStevensCairo: I cant get it to download :(((
03/17/18 09:06 PM
RobStevensCairo: PLEASE can you get this Direct Download: (Anonymous&Fast) Cilla Complete Series 1080p AMZN WEB-DL H 264 DD+2.0-KADENZZA
03/17/18 09:06 PM
RobStevensCairo: MAXDUGUM! i have used this site for years, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!
03/17/18 08:50 PM
birdofprey: Hi Max. Please post all episodes of the tv show Baretta. Thank you
03/17/18 06:18 PM
ubamous3: Hi Max, can you please post the TV series Standoff? There's only 1 season. Thank you [link]
03/17/18 05:00 PM
RandomJerk: Hi Max, can you please post Horrible Bosses(2011) and Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) in 1080p Blu Ray please ?
03/17/18 04:28 PM
kelvis: Could you please see if you can find TOP GEAR seaon 1 to season 22. Thanks for a great site.
03/17/18 01:12 PM
Demondad: Hi Max. I wanted to see if you could add this Japanease Animation Called "Boku No Hero Academia". Season one and Two. Thank you.
03/17/18 12:45 PM
ted: stand by me movie soundtrack max thanks
03/17/18 10:09 AM
Me: request "Get A Life" tv show with Chris Elliott
03/17/18 08:16 AM
zinchead: anything from bo selecta appreciated
03/17/18 07:36 AM
Basel: Hi Max, could you please re-upload this movie: Kissed (1996), thanks in advance and have a nice time.
03/17/18 06:36 AM
Bill: thanks in advance
03/17/18 06:36 AM
Bill: hi can you find "Castlevania" it's netflix series
03/17/18 05:41 AM
Edgar: The wonder years tv show please
03/17/18 05:35 AM
RandomJerk: Hi Max, can you please post Blu Ray 1080p version of Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows 2011 movie? Thanks
03/17/18 01:47 AM
cbmusicmaker: Wondering if you might be able to find discography for either Waylon Jennings or Jim Croce, Thanks very much for looking!
03/16/18 11:56 PM
mj017: Max, hello! Can you find any travel docus by Michael Palin? They used to be shown on BBC. TIA! Have a nice weekend!
03/16/18 11:27 PM
Sash Ali: Hi Everyone. How can I upload something.
03/16/18 07:21 PM
Nippl3twist: Max - Howl, Bad Moon, Silver Bullet Blu Ray
03/16/18 05:06 PM
sklia: thanks
03/16/18 02:35 PM
Demondad: Hi Max. I found out that the Prophecy movies are actually 5 Movies. There is Part 1, Part 2, THE PROPHECY 3: THE ASCENT,
03/16/18 02:15 PM
Demondad: Hi Max. I Notice that you dont have the movies of "The Prophecy". Part 1 was made in 1995. There is Part 2 and three and also.
03/16/18 12:49 PM
Meiko: hi Max can i request Pokemon the movie: i choose you and could you reupload all pokemon movies since 1999? Thanks Max
03/16/18 12:21 PM
danny lim: Would like to request Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H animated series pls.
03/16/18 12:19 PM
danny lim: Max, Avengers Assemble (TV series) [link] is broken. Kindly reup the complete seasons please.
03/16/18 10:25 AM
MBx: Hi, MaxD, can we have Michael (1996) starring John Travolta? [link] TIA :)
03/16/18 10:23 AM
kz: Max, can you please upload korea drama of IRIS with english subtitle
03/16/18 08:51 AM
alice: Admin, I am very keen to watch Pitch Slapped. TIA
03/16/18 08:49 AM
adelaide: Sincerely request Small Town Security (TV Series 2012– ) and Undercover Boss.
03/16/18 08:48 AM
tamworth: Boss Max, do you have the complete series of Low Winter Sun and The Pitch.
03/16/18 08:47 AM
scone: Crisis (TV Series 2014) and The Assets (TV Mini-Series 2014– ) looks interesting. Kindly upload please.
03/16/18 08:45 AM
muswell: AYL team, is it possible to upload Rubicon (TV series) and Falling Water (TV series). Thanks
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