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02/23/17 06:45 PM
up in miss her: can you repost Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 all the older links is saying server down for mainance
02/23/17 06:19 PM
jayc: pls reup wwe royal rumble 2017
02/23/17 06:04 PM
leb_keyboard: plz give us date
02/23/17 06:04 PM
leb_keyboard: This server is in maintenance mode. We are working for this server. Please be patient during this period.
02/23/17 06:04 PM
leb_keyboard: till when :
02/23/17 06:01 PM
lina: thanks everyone
02/23/17 03:26 PM
fw1982VIP: hi max request mac OS X 10.9 mavericks DMG file thanks
02/23/17 12:11 PM
heavyer@att.net: still waiting for pay pal come on MAX
02/23/17 01:57 AM
Gary the dRAt: Yo Max the "Da Music Man" First off, thank you for what you do. Having said that for all of us, there is a movie that was digitalized in 2009 titled: the African Queen starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauran Bacall. If within your seemingly infinante ability with movies you could present this to us, I'm sure a lot of us would be most grateful. Smile. Again, thank you, GtD
02/23/17 01:12 AM
Jul: Hey Max, is there any possible option to reupload the 2016 Filipino Movies? its been 2 weeks sine i go premium and i think i didnt download from it. I might ask for a refund for this service.
02/22/17 10:35 PM
echo0449: Hi Max Please reup this I use it for my taxes please "Foxit Advanced PDF Editor 3.05 not the plantom ver"
02/22/17 10:14 PM
echo0449: Hi All would you have the series LAW AND ORDER CRIMINAL INTENT you could post thanks to all of you
02/22/17 09:42 PM
rokky: hi max, It looks like you are pretty busy, but i'm going to ask and hope for the best if you can upload civilization 6 please? Keep fighting the good fight. -peace-
02/22/17 04:17 PM
Rav4gaz: Any chance of getting Flight International, thanks
02/22/17 02:21 PM
aziz: dear max please upload prezi software
02/22/17 01:53 PM
williams: can you get Goldsim software please ?
02/22/17 08:59 AM
paulyr: Just downloaded 5 files from jupiter1.diskbackup in less than 3 minutes. No issues here.....
02/22/17 08:34 AM
gmonly: Hello echo0449, Independence Day the links are working
02/22/17 08:31 AM
gmonly: Hello zaerka, I can not find it either
02/22/17 08:06 AM
zaerka: I can't find divines?
02/22/17 06:29 AM
gmonly: Hello Samm5, there is no restrictions to my knowledge. I am not sure when they will have time. thats odd jdownloader doesn't work, did you check the settings on jdownloader. there should not be a proxy, unless your IP provider requires it. also, check your browser settings, is the security set to high?
02/22/17 06:01 AM
Samm5: Gmonly, yes I have tried it. It doesn't work for me either. Has the new server config got some ip restrictions? It seems to be something like that. When should I expect to hear from someone who might be able to help?
02/22/17 05:20 AM
zavirus: *arrow
02/22/17 05:20 AM
zavirus: Thanks Gmonly, but looking for the others too. Also Aroow Season5 1 - 12 dead, but 13 works
02/22/17 05:13 AM
gmonly: Hello zavirus, Blue Bloods Season 7 Episodes 15 and 16 links are good, 1 to 14 the links are dead
02/22/17 05:06 AM
zavirus: Hey Max, Gmonly, please could you update the BlueBloods Season 7 links, still getting errors on this series.
02/22/17 05:03 AM
gmonly: Hello Samm5, Max and Rarefile are busy, have you tried jdownloader
02/22/17 04:58 AM
Samm5: Hi Gmonly, is Max & the rarefile team gone on holidays? I am still receiving the following - Error happened when generating Download Link. Please try again or Contact administrator. (500 Can’t connect to jupiter1.diskbackup.pw:80 (connect: Connection timed out) for 3 weeks now. Admin has not replied to my emails in over 4 days now. Whats going on? This is ridiculous, I've paid for a service that I'm not getting, nor am I getting any help or response to try & rectify it.
02/22/17 04:02 AM
gmonly: Hello Joop, The Good Dinosaur (2015) the links are down
02/22/17 03:57 AM
gmonly: Hello William, Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 1 to 05, links are down, 6 to 14 the links are working
02/22/17 03:52 AM
gmonly: Hello lina, The Love Witch (2016), Siren (2016), Red Billabong (2016) the links are working
02/22/17 03:42 AM
gmonly: Hello lina, the server had a hard crash, Max and Rarefile is working on getting the files back. please read the Important Announcement! thank you
02/21/17 11:31 PM
echo0449: max please repost this [link]
02/21/17 08:58 PM
Bogmali: Di pa din available yung FHM PH 2017, malapit ng mag March
02/21/17 08:34 PM
Joop: Can you upload the movie the good dinosaur Thanks
02/21/17 08:33 PM
Joop: Max can you know the movie The Good Dinosaur upload at voorbaad thanks
02/21/17 07:28 PM
William: Hi Max, Chicago Fire S05E11 link is down. Thanks! Much appreciated.
02/21/17 07:26 PM
William: Hi Max, Chicago Fire S05E09 link is down. Thanks! Much appreciated.
02/21/17 06:22 PM
lina: hi max, how long does The server maintenance mode last? Love Witch (2016), Siren (2016) and Red Billabong (2016) all in server maintenance.. cant download any of it.
02/21/17 06:12 PM
leb_keyboard: dear max plz can you tell us which music sections now are recovered?
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