Enter Username, Email Address, then click on Profile
04/26/17 09:53 PM
Blue: thanks
04/26/17 09:53 PM
Blue: Hi Max, looks like season 8 of Through the Wormhole, the download placeholder instead of rarefile.com is going to...amzn.monov.com/files/0/jlvjuszbrh1xol which is prompted as *******. Can you please repost in rarefile?
04/26/17 08:30 PM
raj: can u please upload MS office 2010
04/26/17 04:43 PM
spy001: Hi max can you reupload Sushi Girl? Thanks.
04/26/17 03:23 PM
lan: hi Max pls up,,adobe photoshop for mac thanks
04/26/17 05:48 AM
gmonly: Hello gil, I just checked SamDriver DriverPack Solution Professional the links are working. please try again. thank you
04/26/17 05:34 AM
gil: @ubamous3, hi, part 1-7 & 14-18 of SamDriver DriverPack Solution Professional 17.4.12 are not working, please reupload. thank u...
04/26/17 05:33 AM
gil: @ubamous3, hi, part 1-7 & 14-18 of SamDriver DriverPack Solution Professional 17.4.12 are not working, please reupload.
04/26/17 05:05 AM
gmonly: Hello thonixs, Mad Max Fury Road (2015) the links are working. please try again. thank you
04/26/17 05:01 AM
gmonly: Hello Kayweef, The Karate Kid was posted
04/26/17 04:59 AM
gmonly: Hello Sallee, Doctor Who The Return of Doctor Mysterio was posted
04/26/17 04:50 AM
gmonly: Hello dunamis, please close jdownloader, make sure it isn't running, use control, alt delete to make sure, then restart jdownloader, and try again. hope this helps
04/26/17 02:48 AM
ubamous3: @dunamis, if you see something offline, just make a request to Max here along with the link and he will reupload for you
04/26/17 02:47 AM
ubamous3: @gil, here's the link; i test download a couple of links and they work [link]
04/26/17 02:26 AM
dunamis: Why do i get host offline so much now I have prem. account I use jdownloader
04/26/17 01:32 AM
thonixs: Max thanks you so much for reuploading the MADMAX
04/26/17 01:06 AM
gil: please reupload SamDriver DriverPack Solution Professional 17.4.12 thank you.
04/25/17 09:03 PM
noname: May I request all Seasons of "Drop Dead Diva"
04/25/17 09:03 PM
noname: Hi Max and others,
04/25/17 05:54 PM
thonixs: Hi Max, Im trying to extract the MADMAX unfortunately it can download only to 12 and its looking for MMaxFRoad.1080pBluRay.DTS.5.1.part13. Hope you can fixed it. Thanks again
04/25/17 04:41 PM
Kayweef: Please can I request 1080p bluray rip of the 2010 movie The Karate Kid starring Jackie Chan. Thank you
04/25/17 09:15 AM
lustful: Big Tanks to those that commented/helped me to renew my 1 year membership!! I was able to renew!
04/25/17 08:19 AM
Purple Demon: Hello jayv, You can find Rosetta Stone and the Japanese language packs here: [link]
04/25/17 08:11 AM
jayv: Max, can you please upload japanese language tutorial if you have one? Thanks.
04/25/17 07:02 AM
gmonly: Hello lustful, I think it is asking for the 3 digit code on the back of your card. as ubamous3 said, use the first option for credit card
04/25/17 06:52 AM
ubamous3: Credit Card By Reseller doesn't really mean that you have to be a reseller to use that option; it's the first option
04/25/17 06:52 AM
ubamous3: Credit Card By Reseller
04/25/17 06:52 AM
ubamous3: @lustful, you should use the first option hostpaket; it should let you use your visa or mastercard OK
04/25/17 04:31 AM
Sallee: Max. Can you please find the episode called " The Return of Dr. Mysterio" from Doctor Who? I'd appreciate that. Thank you. I
04/25/17 04:10 AM
VickyF: Hi Max: I know I asked this before. Do you have "AthenTech Perfectly Clear V3"? Thank you.
04/25/17 03:54 AM
lustful: Hi Max, For the first time, I cannot renew my yearly payment to RareFile. I need a 3D secure code but my banks do not have this to help me. Need help, but cannot renew.
04/25/17 03:41 AM
thonixs: Hi Max can you reupload Precious Cargo (2016)
04/25/17 02:36 AM
ein: do you guys had season 1 big little liars?
04/25/17 01:59 AM
Madden41: Hi, can I request In the Land of Blood & Honey 1080p please. The English Audio Version. [link] Thank you Very Much
04/25/17 01:11 AM
gmonly: Hello Dave, the price change was updated
04/25/17 01:01 AM
gmonly: Hello mj017, BBC Bleak House was posted
04/25/17 12:59 AM
gmonly: Hello Endo, I just checked CSI Cyber Season 1 and 2, and Orphan Black Season 1 to 4 the links are working, and is complete
04/25/17 12:46 AM
gmonly: you are welcome superkraut
04/25/17 12:44 AM
gmonly: Hello DelH, you are probably getting false positives, try turning off your program, then download the file. you can check the file on line at v i r u s total to be sure
04/25/17 12:39 AM
gmonly: Hello Sinja, A Fish Called Wanda was posted
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