28 Jun 12, 05:19 PM
Aida: i have follow your blog and bookmark it
31 May 12, 04:38 PM
caitlin: your pictures of gwynny are so darn cute i wish i had a cat that is that color!!! from now on when ever a pet is lost i will think abount the rainbow bridge ... i just love it!!! :D :P
26 May 12, 08:00 AM
caitlin: i just have one question did you delete your own jackjacks blog 2011???????
26 May 12, 07:50 AM
caitlin: wait a go jack you almost mad me cry i am sorry for the lost but glad you are getting another
13 Apr 12, 09:55 PM
Vicki: Jack, this is a great testimony to Gwynny, her life and your love for her. Know my prayers are with you.
13 Apr 12, 08:09 PM
Jack: Rest in Peace Gwynny! I miss you so much! :(
4 Jan 12, 08:11 PM
Jessie: They luv them
29 Dec 11, 08:36 AM
Gwynny the Swedish Katt: Jessie, do they like their treats
28 Dec 11, 09:42 PM
jessie: i mean cute not "cut"
28 Dec 11, 09:41 PM
jessie: thats so cut my cats got the same treats from santa
23 Dec 11, 11:36 PM
Darlene: Merry Christmas Gwynny
23 Dec 11, 11:03 PM
Gwynny the Swedish Katt: Thanks Jessie!
23 Dec 11, 10:33 PM
Jack: Merry Christmas Gwynny!
15 Dec 11, 07:07 PM
Jenny: orange is awesome!! :)
11 Dec 11, 09:46 AM
jessiejo: Purple is so darn cute
11 Dec 11, 09:41 AM
Yellow jessie jo: Hey what up I luv ur bed Gwynn gwyn
11 Dec 11, 04:31 AM
sunny: visit back my site pleaseeeee. thank you! :)
20 Oct 11, 11:36 AM
Sarah: i have followed your blog, hope you can visit and follow my blog too..
5 Oct 11, 03:33 PM
Jessie: Is that pic at ur house? Are u watching him? He's so cute!
26 Sep 11, 03:17 PM
Jack/Gwyn: Please don't write odd messages
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