28 Aug 16, 07:40 PM
Kiba: Miss you guys too! Right now I'm collecting all my class materials and crying about my bank. :/
27 Aug 16, 02:30 PM
Renna.: hi all
26 Aug 16, 03:24 PM
Mel: How is everyone doing? I miss you guys
20 Aug 16, 09:38 PM
Kiba: I'm starting college next week. There's going to be about two weeks of everyone shifting classes before I can lock down a schedule, lol
20 Aug 16, 08:47 PM
Brandy: Just checking in on everyone. :)
10 Aug 16, 09:49 PM
Kiba: Dang. Hope everything works out quickly for you guys!
9 Aug 16, 04:21 PM
Mel: My brother is in the hospital right now too, so I'm kinda distracted
9 Aug 16, 04:20 PM
Mel: Whoa, not cool
9 Aug 16, 02:43 PM
Batman: which is fun...
9 Aug 16, 02:43 PM
Batman: i'm meant to be back, but i wound up in the emergency room and i'm pretty heavily medicated atm
9 Aug 16, 02:43 PM
Batman: bad timing is bad...
9 Aug 16, 02:40 PM
Kiba: She's taking Valisa under her wing so Valisa can learn realpolitik :D
8 Aug 16, 10:10 PM
Kiba: Just my one lady-n-waiting, Sabur
8 Aug 16, 03:59 PM
Mel: Who you got?
8 Aug 16, 03:39 PM
Kiba: I'm up for more threads, Mel!
8 Aug 16, 01:59 PM
Mel: I have some free time this week (finallllly), if anyone wants to thread
5 Aug 16, 02:04 PM
Batman: ironically, once school starts, I think I'll have more time freed up
5 Aug 16, 02:04 PM
Batman: For my part, I've been plagued with internet issues and illness :(
5 Aug 16, 02:03 PM
Batman: there are ebbs and flows, generally. Right now we're a in a slow cycle.
3 Aug 16, 01:18 AM
Kiba: This forum is pretty active in my opinion!
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