15 Jul 17, 07:37 AM
acorn: what do editors do?
25 Apr 17, 08:45 AM
NibbPower: @chorina QCer is a Quality Checker. The role basically means they have to check over translation, proofread, cleans, typesets, and redraws. To make sure everything is perfect.
13 Jul 16, 05:55 PM
cabbages: Will do, thank you! Looking forward to its release! (And your other releases too!)
13 Jul 16, 01:00 PM
Sirvia: @cabbages And thanks for the help offer. Esthetique is buying the volumes so you can ask them about donations.
13 Jul 16, 01:00 PM
Sirvia: @cabbages Don't have a release date but working on it. ^^
12 Jul 16, 06:55 AM
cabbages: if you uh need donations to purchase volumes I'd be happy to help?
12 Jul 16, 06:54 AM
cabbages: Hi!! Glad to see the group is still active! Do you know when you'll be releasing Boku wa Chikyuu to Utau?
22 May 16, 09:03 PM
Dodo: Sirvia, you here, is this group still active?
5 May 16, 01:52 AM
anon: is this place still alive?
27 Mar 16, 12:25 AM
chorina: Excuse me, what is a QCer?
26 Mar 16, 03:04 AM
mizu: if you see it I look forward hearing from you guys
26 Mar 16, 03:03 AM
mizu: i sent you an email regarding translations, did you get that?
16 Jan 16, 11:33 PM
Love25: was Boku wa Chikyuu to Utau release yet? if so are you working on it?
20 Nov 15, 10:55 AM
Sirvia: Glad to hear it!! :)
19 Nov 15, 08:59 PM
ccrados: I really liked Mizutama Puzzle btw. Thank you for scanlating~
19 Nov 15, 08:52 PM
ccrados: Are you still in need of a proofreader?
12 Nov 15, 01:24 PM
Jay W: Sirvia, I have completed DDD 15, just sent you an email.
24 Oct 15, 12:37 PM
suna: Also, so sad it's only a 2chapter story. Love the feel of it and the pairing. Haven't read the 2nd chapter yet but about to. Hope this author makes more like this!
24 Oct 15, 12:36 PM
suna: I literally thought I was going to have to learn japanese and it would be years before I'd learn enough to understand chapter 2 well enough
24 Oct 15, 12:31 PM
suna: I CANT BELIEVE YOU SCANLATED MIZUTAMA PUZZLE! Thank you so much TT__TT I read the first chapter and loved the tone of it all... been waiting forever and it seemed hopeless. Thank you :)
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