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5 Jul 15, 09:19 PM
footloverd: @Psyburn, any progress Psyburn21?
30 Jun 15, 05:30 PM
footloverd: new jinsuke work: [link]
29 Jun 15, 06:45 PM
paper: no problem, ver 9 is sort of irresistable, It'll get done sooner or later :)
28 Jun 15, 08:05 PM
footloverd: K thx psy, I myself have some family issues as well xD.
28 Jun 15, 04:36 PM
psyburn21: @paper, I don't have plans to atm, but I it'll get done in quick order
28 Jun 15, 07:51 AM
psyburn21: @footloeverd, sadly no. Got family stuff to do this week coming up to 4th of July so won't be able to work on anything until after that.
28 Jun 15, 12:44 AM
footloverd: Sorry version 9 of? :P
27 Jun 15, 03:55 PM
paper: A new Ver 9 is out and it looks great. Any chance you'd be interested in translating it?
27 Jun 15, 10:38 AM
footloverd: will it be released by the end of june like u said :(?
26 Jun 15, 01:26 PM
psyburn21: its going fine. though a bit slow.
24 Jun 15, 11:11 AM
footloverd: thx psy :), by the way hows the akatsuki giken work going on your side
24 Jun 15, 04:52 AM
psyburn21: sure
22 Jun 15, 07:06 PM
footloverd: Psy I've got some scripts for akatsuki giken about 9. These have been checked but the editing for the pieces will take time. Do you mind helping etc?
21 Jun 15, 02:30 PM
retret: here is the bounty in e.h [link]
21 Jun 15, 02:29 PM
retret: hey there any chance you interested in editing this? [link] looks like the script is done....but no one would do the is a really lot work..but maybe you're interested...
20 Jun 15, 08:53 PM
footloverd: Psy where is the reG forum for LWB?
20 Jun 15, 05:19 AM
psyburn21: there were some hosting issues, but they were resolved yesterday.
20 Jun 15, 04:50 AM
Stevenson: lmao nevermind they got it.
19 Jun 15, 05:23 AM
Stevenson: Any word on what happened with LWB or did they just let registration lapse and they were lost to the void?
17 Jun 15, 12:51 PM
footloverd: @Psyburn21, well that sucks -_- I was thinking about doing a whole lot of translations but the editing is really something xD.
16 Jun 15, 09:05 PM
redbone: here's a 1st(I think), a hentai novel is getting an anime: [link] , here's the novel link: [link]
16 Jun 15, 05:02 PM
psyburn21: sadly, I don't think it'll work on content older than 2012~2013 when that circle re-branded itself.
15 Jun 15, 01:19 PM
footloverd: psy if u purchase the sets again from like older verisons of akatsuki giken are there cleaned pages?
13 Jun 15, 05:11 PM
footloverd: [link]
7 Jun 15, 11:51 AM
footloverd: Bounty accepted Psy :)
4 Jun 15, 08:33 PM
psyburn21: Sweet!!!
4 Jun 15, 06:20 PM
redbone: Netoraserare is getting an anime: [link]
30 May 15, 08:56 PM
footloverd: thx for the new one
29 May 15, 06:11 PM
Bipolarized: Sorry, I just wasn't sure since it wasn't listed on any of the project pages.
29 May 15, 11:32 AM
psyburn21: Sigh... I don't see why people can't read the rules about the chatbox... Guess Energy Kyoka will be delayed yet again...
29 May 15, 03:47 AM
Bipolarized: Were you still planning on translating the Energy Kyo-ka manga? The bounty was filled a long time ago, but I haven't seen any mention of it here.
26 May 15, 01:39 PM
footloverd: I wouldn't mind translating, but atm I'm a bit busy. and it looks like there may be cleaning needed, psy may be able to help though :).
26 May 15, 03:45 AM
sp: there are 3 works who doesnt been translated yet,.. just saying if you're interested,..
26 May 15, 03:43 AM
sp: how about translating the new freehand tamashii release [link]
24 May 15, 08:14 AM
Footloverd: Email sent on Forums
13 May 15, 11:51 PM
Footloverd: Bounty also placed here: [link]
23 Apr 15, 11:00 AM
psyburn21: @popo, I actually don't have one to work on atm. I have a bounty on E-H for this one [link]
23 Apr 15, 02:36 AM
popo: @psyburn Are you working on the next Akatsuki souken translation?
17 Apr 15, 07:18 AM
Footloverd: Psy did you maange to check the translation?
12 Apr 15, 11:54 AM
Footloverd: I don't sorry, Might want to ask psy
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