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08/24/13 12:24 PM
Jenna W: Hi, Thank you very much for the sweet :) Moments?.
08/16/13 07:48 AM
chloe: ads for it and thought another time travel drama!? reminded me of a chip of the olf block
08/16/13 07:48 AM
chloe: either :) and no i haven;t started it yet but bobby and ethsa are really funny and yeah! I saw the
08/16/13 07:46 AM
chloe: and you have that youthful atmosphere :) thats what i like about it and she's not a bad actress
08/16/13 07:45 AM
chloe: wants depending on his mood and how he hasn't realised haha, it's just refreshing to see a new face,
08/16/13 07:45 AM
chloe: and i wish she's end up with ron cos i love the story of how she takes notice of every coffee Issac
08/16/13 07:44 AM
chloe: all polite like that... also maybe it's just me but i actually really like Jose the coffee girl,
08/16/13 07:41 AM
chloe: @starlight: haha that would be funny if you could watch it on the plane :P haha if only they were
08/16/13 01:22 AM
starlight: nowadays*
08/16/13 01:22 AM
starlight: a lot of this time travelling stuff nowadayas
08/16/13 01:21 AM
starlight: btw, did u start on the new series w/ bobby and esther? lol..bobby's expressions r funny :) they do
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