7 Mar 13, 11:14 AM
Ultima: Are there any new banners that you would like to see go up? Any specific anime?
7 Oct 12, 07:28 PM
Ultima: And if so, they change randomly each time you refresh a page or visit a link on yumestate
7 Oct 12, 07:28 PM
Ultima: That depends mj, are you referring to the banners?
5 Oct 12, 03:17 AM
mj: I wonder what the anime of the first image?
5 Oct 12, 03:16 AM
mj: hello
5 Oct 12, 03:16 AM
mj: hello
19 Jul 12, 09:15 PM
Cholisose: Sorry I'm late on the Anime Watchers post. I'll try to get it up soon if I can squeeze in the time.
15 Jul 12, 07:19 PM
Cholisose: Next Anime Watchers post will probably be up tomorrow. I'm too busy today, and it doesn't seem there's a need to rush for it anyways...
15 Jul 12, 07:19 PM
Cholisose: I really liked it too! I'm quite intrigued by that series.
14 Jul 12, 10:19 PM
Leap250: wow, Kokoro Connect ep 2
3 Jul 12, 04:10 PM
TrainerOfLegend: Muv-Luv Alternative's first episode was a bit boring at first, but picked up near the end.
2 Jul 12, 02:40 PM
Cholisose: Just watched Tari Tari. It was good, but it was certainly... well, it had a lot to keep track of. XD
2 Jul 12, 12:43 AM
Leap250: Has Jinrui aired already as well? Yeah, it's a pretty light first episode. Can't say much about the story yet though, aside from that it's about a music club
2 Jul 12, 12:30 AM
Cholisose: I'm personally going to strongly suggest Humanity Has Declined to everyone. I found it very unique and intriguing.
2 Jul 12, 12:29 AM
Cholisose: I'll probably give it a try. Is it good?
1 Jul 12, 11:59 PM
Leap250: Anyone catch Tari Tari yet?
29 Jun 12, 10:31 PM
Cholisose: I may like summer just as much or even more though. It looks like there will be some really interesting shows!
29 Jun 12, 10:30 PM
Cholisose: And that concludes my series of Looking Back posts for spring. I had four series I really enjoyed. All in all it was a great season.
29 Jun 12, 08:56 PM
TrainerOfLegend: I haven't watched Fate/Zero but have watched Fate/stay night and Unlimited Blade Works. Everyone I've talked to seriously recommended that I watch those two before Fate/Zero.
24 Jun 12, 06:35 PM
Leap250: They sure tied up a lot of loose ends there. Awesome end.
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