30 Nov 16, 09:16 PM
Byou: Oh boy... so sorry i am all over the place.
23 Oct 16, 07:53 PM
Reita: Get well soon, Byou <3
17 Oct 16, 04:40 AM
Byou: Sorry for not being around. I got really sick this past week and I'm still recovering. My mind just wasn't there.
3 Oct 16, 04:01 PM
Byou: Sorry im not replying. Im kind of hunting thus weeks
28 Sep 16, 11:01 PM
Byou: Probably not. Haha. I dont think Byou has ever had a headache like this one before.
28 Sep 16, 10:06 PM
Reita: Hmm... sex can cure headaces and hangovers, I wonder if Byou knows that. LOL XD
28 Sep 16, 06:00 PM
Byou: Haha. Well, its dting of embarrassment in different ways gaha
28 Sep 16, 05:40 PM
Reita: Haha, the Hungarian phrases don't indicate that we'd like to die in that hole, we just want to be hiding in there for a while... then we crawl out like zombies XD
28 Sep 16, 05:34 PM
Byou: Haha. I guess so. But i rather just crawl into a hole and die peaceful, no work involved
28 Sep 16, 04:57 PM
Reita: We dig the hole for ourselves so we can make sure it's deep enough I suppose XD
28 Sep 16, 04:55 PM
Byou: Haha, i say im going to find myself a hole. Though, i like the Hungarian ones better
28 Sep 16, 04:37 PM
Reita: In Hungary we say things like "give me a spade, I need to dig a hole" or "show me where I can bury myself" when we're embarrassed :D
28 Sep 16, 04:20 PM
Byou: Oh wow. Haha. So dark.
28 Sep 16, 11:38 AM
Reita: Rei would probably want to bury himself deep in a hole so he wouldn't need to look Byou in the eye again XD
28 Sep 16, 11:17 AM
Byou: Oui, and Byou doesn't want to kill Reita that way. XD
28 Sep 16, 10:55 AM
Reita: :D
28 Sep 16, 10:55 AM
Reita: I guess it's better if he doesn't... the embarrassment would kill Reita
28 Sep 16, 10:53 AM
Byou: Byou's going to be a prick and not tell Reita, it's plainly clear Byou doesn't want to. Haha, for selfish reasons.
28 Sep 16, 10:42 AM
Reita: Will he tell Reita about last night? Or let him forget what happened? :D
28 Sep 16, 10:39 AM
Byou: He tries hahaha
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