Arbrim: Heyyy Royal, please write me an email or try to reach me through facebook and we'll fix it up
Arbrim: Welcome Silent_Hill!
Silent_Hill: Hi Guy
Katana: wait my brother [SW]Shaqiri
Katana: hii
Katana: hii
Lorena: Hi
noobinity: horse clock!
Royal: Arbrim, i can't get into my account ,, i clicked forgot my pass and they said they will send me an e-mail ,, i got nth what should i do ?
Arbrim: register on forums, and let me know to make u able to make application.\arbrim97
KaiserBradly_T4R: hey how i can create the apliccation!
Test: test
ola: olaaaaaaaa
Arbrim: Yea signup, tell me then i make u able to make applications...
Hiii: where to write application and how
Hiii: Can i join this clan ?
Babo: write an application
Great_sentinel: I can join to this clan?
Babo: josh <3
Arbrim: ;)
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