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1 Dec 12, 11:49 AM
yjiji: thanks ^^ i want more of yunjae vamp or werewolves fics ^^
3 Jan 13, 12:40 PM
yjs: i really love this Dancing please make more~ almost dying over here for yj hot scene Snicker
13 Jan 14, 03:46 PM
JaeYunnie: I want a fic where jae is a yunho's Secretary and I like it SMUT
24 Dec 14, 10:57 PM
DBSK: Thank you for this! :)
30 Aug 15, 12:49 PM
Viki: Yunjae is still alive, you've got to believe~ I want more fantasy fics about them like yjiji said
5 Oct 15, 05:17 PM
OMG: Yunjae fan since 2008 and I will never let the ship sink. Carefree
18 Dec 15, 07:41 AM
boojea: I love reading there fanfic since I was 15.. now I'm 25 I still feel the same... YUNJEA BANZAI Joy
18 Dec 15, 07:43 AM
boojea: beast of matter really is superb.. kyaaa Carefree
9 Mar 16, 09:06 PM
soap: i want more highschool/rookie/trainee yunjae, whichever of those ;_;
9 Mar 16, 09:08 PM
soap: and i think winglin is dead