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11/21/13 11:50 PM
MereMakeupManiac: it's been a while... :)
11/24/12 02:37 AM
Shari: Thank you for such sweet comments and messages on my blog, sis! :) I appreciate them! :)
11/19/12 08:47 PM
Shari Marie: New follower here! Dropped a comment tooo :)
06/05/12 10:42 AM
MereMakeupManiac: thanks Agnes! i appreciate readers who appreciate what i pen down. :) sure, i'll update soon. it's just am sidetracked by work - a lot! best wishes to your blog!
05/23/12 08:01 PM
AgnesLiew: Hey :) I love your blog real much ^^ Thanks for shaing !! Pls keep this blog updating kkkay ??? Bye !
01/27/12 04:29 PM
Bec San Diego: Lose weight!
01/25/12 04:42 PM
Ser: I am totally going to exercise more this year!
01/21/12 07:52 AM
karlatrx: I'm eating low-carb to be healthy and lose weight
01/21/12 02:16 AM
aika ako: now olang nabasa yung isang msg sure gawa kita :)
01/20/12 12:30 AM
aika ako: sign na ba to yung catchpa mo MADDEN hahahha
01/20/12 12:30 AM
aika ako: hehehe nabili na nga yung gray shoes na diy ko hopefully this year makapag start ako ng sarili kong shoe line!
01/15/12 05:30 PM
Marinette: I will try to religiously attend the boxing class this year to lose weight and hopefully add more on my social life because I've been sooo workaholic latlly :))
01/14/12 12:22 PM
itsmepaolaaa: i really want to lose weight this year! sana i can do it! I reall need to change my eating habits etc. go back to healthy living :)) Congrats on your anniv sis!!