25 Jan 17, 02:47 PM
sport3888: llwy12 do let me know when you find out about the US schedule! Also curious to know if all the US chosen venues will be 4 sided. Because quite frankly I think it will be a waste if they aren't but also difficul to find. I can only imagine rich casino cities like Las Vegas having that kind of venue.
25 Jan 17, 02:46 PM
sport3888: Gosh I watched the fan vids on youtube with my parents and even they were impressed with jacky's concert! Gosh I was telling them they so missed out by not buying tickets to watch when they were in HK! Anyway we really want to watch his concert so for the1st time we would love to flying to las vegas to watch it when he comes over here! But before that I seriously hope Jacky Cheung's concert DVD will release soon! I'm dieing to watch the full version! The stage, the classic song tracklist!
12 Dec 16, 08:11 AM
llwy12: Yea, probably won't find much on YouTube, especially with all the copyright implications and such. There are tons of videos on Weibo though, mostly from Mainland fans. By the way, I finally wrote up my post on Jacky's concert -- feel free to check it out and comment! Meanwhile, if I hear anything about U.S. dates, I'll definitely post it
12 Dec 16, 08:02 AM
llwy12: @Tvbaddict: I'm actually thinking either summer months or end of the year for Jacky to come to U.S./Canada area...judging from his past few tours, it's usually around the time when his daughters are out of school, since he would need to be away from home for more than a few days and he can always take his family with him and turn it into a family trip.
11 Dec 16, 11:36 AM
Tvbaddict: I've been following up on his news too whether it's Weibo or crazy checking YouTube for videos unfortunately there hasn't been many updates as far as videos are concerned on YouTube :( I'm praying he'll come around our area towards the end of next year for the holidays cause that seems to be the time where he has time on his schedule. I'm not sure if he'll even find a place here to build that amazing stage though.
11 Dec 16, 11:34 AM
Tvbaddict: Yaaaassss
9 Dec 16, 07:58 AM
llwy12: Oh and the song list – OMG, almost all his classics are on the list (he’s been singing 39 songs at each show and almost all of the songs have been “audience sing-alongs” because of all the classic hits that pretty much every Jacky fan knows).
9 Dec 16, 07:57 AM
llwy12: Concert schedule is pretty much up to date though – that info is in the sidebar. I’m also waiting for them to announce the U.S. and Canada dates. I’m thinking it’s taking so long because Jacky is doing the 4-sided stage thing this tour and it’s hard to find a suitable place to build the stage (omg, the stage is awesome as well – I’ve been watching fan vids of the concert and also going through pictures and the stage is spectacular!!!)
9 Dec 16, 07:56 AM
llwy12: The first HK show on 12/4 was AWESOME – and the stars that came out to support him made me jealous of that night’s audience, lol! With that said though, the Beijing kickoff shows were AWESOME as well – especially the last night in Beijing when Jacky’s buddy Tony Leung showed up to support him (not sure if you saw all the pictures of them hugging and laughing backstage – that “sweet moment” was all over the entertainment news next day, lol). So perhaps check back in a few days for posts?
9 Dec 16, 07:56 AM
llwy12: Haha…of course I’m super-hyped about Jacky’s concert too! I’ve been keeping tabs on his concert mostly via Facebook and Weibo -- I would have to say that’s the best place to get Jacky’s concert news at the moment (aside from Universal’s website, which mostly has tour schedule and ticket information). I’m actually planning to do a writeup of his tour so far, especially the HK leg...
9 Dec 16, 07:54 AM
llwy12: @tvbaddict: Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! LOL, yes my blog is still up and somewhat active, though I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been slacking on writing and posting stuff (just haven’t had the time)…working on it though -- hopefully should see some posts up soon!.
8 Dec 16, 02:00 PM
Tvbaddict: Hey llwy12! Glad your blog is still up and active. Decided to stop by after being hyped about jackys tour and wanted to see how it's going over here. Lol. Hope all is well with you! Just wondering if you know where I can find the rundown of jackys hk concert? Man I wish I could go to hk to see it. Praying he comes to the US (or even Canada)! Talk to you soon!
21 Nov 16, 07:15 AM
anxious><: Very worried that we got scammed because they didn't provide any seat numbers in the confirmation
21 Nov 16, 07:14 AM
anxious><: Hi, did anyone manage to get the physical tickets after purchasing from the viagogo site?
8 Nov 16, 11:13 AM
llwy12: Outside of that, any other questions I usually try to answer back as soon as I can, so definitely don’t be afraid to ask! :)
8 Nov 16, 11:12 AM
llwy12: No worries about asking me to write a review – don’t feel bad at all, lol. I definitely don’t mind people asking….in fact, feel free to ask whatever you want! My only thing is that I may not be able to accommodate all requests due to time constraints on my side…if you don’t mind waiting though, there’s a possibility I might eventually get to the request later on down the road (referring mostly to stuff such as article translations, reviews, write ups and other blog posts).
8 Nov 16, 11:11 AM
llwy12: to see live, but I was able to watch on DVD or videotape (back when videotapes still existed, lol).
8 Nov 16, 11:11 AM
llwy12: I went to his previous 2 concert tours (the ½ Century one in 2011/2012 and the Year of Jacky Cheung one in 2007/2008) and both were absolutely awesome! I actually did reviews/recaps on both shows on my blog in case you’re interested in reading – if you can’t find the posts, let me know and I’ll pull them up for you. Even though I’ve been a Jacky fan for close to 3 decades now, I’ve unfortunately only been to 2 of his concerts – all his concert tours prior to 2007 I didn’t get the chance to se
8 Nov 16, 11:10 AM
llwy12: @JafoA: Hi again! Hey, are you a Jacky fan too? Yes, I definitely plan on going to Jacky’s Classic Tour concert, I’m just waiting for them to announce the U.S. dates. I’ve been going through all the stuff that fellow fans have been posting about the Beijing, Chongqing, and Shenzhen shows and am truly looking forward to seeing Jacky live again!
7 Nov 16, 10:43 PM
JafoA: Btw, I also have two rather personal questions, if you don’t mind me asking. Do you plan to attend Jacky’s A Classic Tour? And have you ever been to his concert(s) or seen him in person?
7 Nov 16, 10:37 PM
JafoA: I’m sorry to have asked you to do a BOGAE review. You don’t have to, but of course I’d appreciate any commentary or behind-the-scene tidbits. I will definitely check back with you. Thanks so much!!
7 Nov 16, 10:34 PM
JafoA: @llwy12: Thank you for the quick replies!! I am absolutely a fan of “older TVB”, but unfortunately I didn’t watch as many old series (mostly the ones from 1980s) as you did. I actually watched BOGAE a couple of years ago, but this recent viewing made me love it even more. I have seen LBIA, but will be re-watching it soon. I’m really fond of Deric and his acting ability. Seriously, TVB had better leave the classics alone!!
7 Nov 16, 12:50 PM
llwy12: Also, I’m not fond of writing reviews, as they are extremely draining for me due to how particular I am about my writing and also content. Let me go through my stuff to see if I can find an old article or behind-the-scenes commentary about the series and maybe I can use that to write up something. Feel free to check back in case I get around to posting up about it…
7 Nov 16, 12:49 PM
llwy12: As for a review of BOGAE – I’ll think about it, but no guarantees, as I’m kind of backlogged already with around a dozen blog posts in draft mode that I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet (plus a list of stuff that I want to translate/write about but just haven’t found the time to start).
7 Nov 16, 12:46 PM
llwy12: @JafoA: Is this your first time watching BOGAE? If so, glad that you had a chance to watch, as that is definitely one of the best TVB series of all time and an absolute “must-watch”! Another series I recommend (if you haven’t watched it yet) is Looking Back in Anger (it’s also on TVB Anywhere – well, it was there when I last checked several weeks ago…not sure if they took it down now).
7 Nov 16, 12:46 PM
llwy12: @JafoA: Hi! Thanks for your comments and for your support of my blog! Always glad to meet others who have a similar appreciation for the ‘old TVB’ as I do. Definitely agree that it’s a shame TVB is not capable of producing series like BOGAE anymore – which is why I continue to hope and pray that TVB doesn’t try to “remake” those popular classics as they seem to have a propensity for doing in recent years.
6 Nov 16, 04:26 PM
JafoA: Do you think it's possible to do review on this series? I'd love to read more of your opinions. Thank you!! Hope to hear from you soon.
6 Nov 16, 04:25 PM
JafoA: Hi there, I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while. I'm so thankful for your appreciation of TVB's older dramas and artistes. Recently, thanks to your latest post that I was able to watch the entire "Blood of Good and Evil" in good quality on TVB Anywhere. I enjoyed it very much, despite not being a native speaker of Cantonese. I fell in love with Deric all over again. It is a terrible shame that TVB can no longer produce a gem like this.
11 Oct 16, 09:57 AM
llwy12: @fangorn: Additional HK shows were added! Tickets go on sale 10/14. See sidebar for details...
4 Oct 16, 01:13 AM
fangorn: @Chun, URBTIX online tickets - already sold out. But I saw in viagogo still have tickets left, so Im not sure. Nvr bought from that site before
29 Sep 16, 11:32 PM
llwy12: @Chun: Hi. I responded to your comment in my Jacky post. Basically, I am not familiar with that site you listed. The only legit site I know of for the HK shows is URBTIX.
29 Sep 16, 11:26 PM
llwy12: @fangorn: Yea, totally know what you mean. But that's always the case though with these concerts -- the sponsors get majority of the tickets and the true fans of the singers have to jump through hoops to get anything.
29 Sep 16, 06:12 PM
Chun: may i know if is safe to book from http://www.viagogo.com/. ti is double the price.. but still cheaper than in Singapore.
29 Sep 16, 06:11 PM
Chun: hi
23 Sep 16, 12:10 AM
fangorn: ah I manage to book the tickets but not the HK980 coz by the time I can access it is like the day after very early in the morning. Why set 4/5 to those ppl? T_T
21 Sep 16, 12:35 AM
llwy12: @fangorn: Bad news....I read today that only 1/5th of the tickets were made available to the public. The rest of the tickets were all set aside for "insiders" (concert sponsors and organizers). It's no wonder then that within less than an hour, all the tickets were sold out. Also, I heard there were a lot of scalpers on the prowl....the highest price ticket I saw so far was for HKD5180!!!
20 Sep 16, 12:17 AM
fangorn: well .... tried to access URBTIX site from morning till afternoon...today 9/20 ... errr cant access ,,,site is too busy since tix start selling at 10am O.O maybe i try later late at night
14 Sep 16, 06:01 PM
llwy12: @fangorn:  Tickets for the HK shows will officially go on sale to the public on 9/20.    Website is:  www.urbtix.hk
13 Sep 16, 11:27 PM
llwy12: Oh, btw, Taiwan dates are out as well, though I didn't post them up yet since those haven't been 'officially' confirmed by UMG or Jacky yet (though it was all over the papers earlier due to that newsbit about Jacky being approved for more shows than Jay Chou...)
13 Sep 16, 11:25 PM
llwy12: @fangorn: Sorry... :( Hopefully there are still enough of the 'good' tickets available once it's officially "open to the public"...though the other thing to watch out for are the scalpers, as that has been a huge issue as of late with alot of the HK concerts.
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