19 Aug 20, 04:04 PM
Ace/Gold: Good to see some of you still lurk around. Hope you lot are all doing well!
24 Apr 20, 05:55 AM
jo: visited to browse an incredibly old post; was shocked how emotional the visit became. deeply hope everybody is doing as well as poss in these incredibly austere times
10 Dec 19, 10:31 AM
Dani: i finally managed to log back into my account recently and was looking through some of the stuff like my little comic i was posting here. good times
7 Dec 19, 10:53 PM
Volcan: I vaguely remember Radboy... Oof the large delays between somebody getting on here is crazy.
15 Jul 19, 05:01 PM
Dani: I think i remember you! Been too many years lol
11 Jul 19, 10:48 PM
Radboy: Hey was taking about this place just today and I can’t believe I was able to find it again. To anyone who remembers me I miss this fun family we all used to be
25 May 19, 12:22 PM
Volcan: I've been on a huge nostalgia kick lately. Just read through a bunch of old stuff here. Fun times...
2 Mar 19, 04:44 AM
Dani: Hope everyone is doing well :)
18 Jan 19, 07:35 AM
Volcan: I drop in once in a long while
12 Jan 19, 02:20 PM
Dani: thank you! This place really does hold a lot of memories for us all, doesn't it? Probably why i still leave the tab open lol
11 Jan 19, 06:38 PM
Cola: This site holds so many precious memories for me, and whatever you're all doing now, I hope 2019 will be a year everyone can look back on in the future and remember just as fondly. <3
11 Jan 19, 06:35 PM
Cola: Thought of you all today and thought I'd just drop in and wish everyone a happy new year!
2 Jan 19, 09:14 AM
Dani: Hope everyone also had a good new year too lol
27 Dec 18, 11:00 AM
Dani: Hope everyone had a good christmas
20 Oct 18, 01:24 AM
Dani: Oh hey there, long time no speak! Hope you've been good :D
12 Oct 18, 09:21 PM
Syssilia: lots of memories! hope everyone is doing well. <3
12 Oct 18, 09:20 PM
Syssilia: bumped into here via dropping ice cream on my track pad
25 Aug 18, 04:34 AM
Dani: lol
20 Aug 18, 02:40 AM
Volcan: My god I miss this so much, xD
17 Jul 18, 08:39 AM
Dani: just popping through keeping the site "alive"
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