14 Apr 17, 08:46 AM
Charlie YU: This is Charlie from Beijing China, I am a cover lover too. And focusing on sports and Olympics topics, especially FDC. Can we be a friend and sent each the cover? may you contact me via email?
6 Sep 16, 09:47 PM
seyed hadi seyed sadjadi: dear Emilio, I got your note and would like to send you a letter from IRAN to the mentioned address you gave. I know somewhere in my country to have lots of stamp. may you contact me via email?
22 Aug 16, 04:54 AM
Josie-lyn Navarro: hi!if you would like to received a letter and stamp from the philippines...let me know ok.i will be willing to send one for you and help you with your collections. :)
19 Mar 16, 06:46 PM
Tebinfea: Buenos días. Soy francés. Vi tu comentario en el blog que comparto con mi amigo húngaro. Yo he enviado este comentario. La paciencia porque trabaja duro. Mi Blog: tebtebinfea.blogspot.fr La amistad. T
24 Aug 15, 06:57 PM
Nancy Oloro Robarts: Will make an effort to mail you a post card soon. This is a wonderful idea. God bless your efforts.
14 Mar 15, 10:19 AM
Gulfmann: Nice Colections, welcome to exchange
24 Nov 14, 12:45 AM
Pablo: saludos desde Chile, tienes una muy bonita colección, espero podamos hacer un intercambio.
15 Sep 14, 04:49 PM
marjo: Please email me regarding stamps from the Bahamas. I'd love to share them with you!
23 Apr 14, 09:50 AM
Tomi: Hi Emilio , possible to shere your Turkmenistan contact ??
15 Apr 14, 03:25 PM
mouloud lehmami: mouloud:Nice blog! keep up the good work!
29 Mar 14, 09:27 PM
nawwar: hello there wow you are amazing!
23 Aug 13, 05:39 AM
Hernán: Great blog!!!
15 Jun 13, 03:49 PM
Proestakis: Emilio, cuenta con la carta desde Chile!
26 May 13, 12:05 PM
Ralph: Hello Emilio,.... you got a missing cover from Nagorno-Karabkh
15 Apr 13, 08:59 AM
Robert Kaula: Hello from the Solomon Islands
15 Apr 13, 08:58 AM
Robert: Hi Emelio just got your mail will get in touch with you later
2 Mar 13, 05:51 AM
Rita Bakker/FebruaryFlow: Hi Emelio i just read your email. I will send you letters from Paramaribo/Suriname as you requested. Have a great weekend. Warm Regards, Rita Bakker :)
12 Jan 13, 08:56 PM
Tommy: Hi Emilio , my friend is it possible by Spanish post to buy stamps from Guinea Equatorial ?
1 Jan 13, 10:53 AM
GULFMANN: Happy New Year and Happy Collecting!
21 Dec 12, 03:20 PM
Vanessa Tawer: Emilio: he leido con atención su nota publicitaria dejada en mi blog"VENTANA POÉTICA2012". ANTE LA IMPOSIBILIDAD DE CUMPLIR SU PETICIÓN, DEJARÉ QUE SU PUBLICIDAD PERMANEZCA ALLÍ. Cordialmente Vanessa
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