30 Jan 21, 10:19 AM
seo young-seok: duplex ag 62 evo ,32 evo I am curious about the price of the equipment
14 Oct 20, 05:30 PM
Dr. Hiromi Shinya: 私が今まで使った中で最高の窒素発生器で、操作が簡単で静かです。
11 Oct 20, 02:22 PM
Dr. YS Young - XMU: Good to know this product and we use it for LC/MS. A very silent machine and produce a quality gas. We will buy again for FT-IR use also.
11 Oct 20, 11:30 AM
Dr. YS Young - XMU: IMT Accure GC running well with my GC-FID. Thanks for good sales and after support from IMT.
14 Sep 20, 09:41 PM
IMT - Joachim Schweider: Thanks for your feedback Madam Angelicia. It's our pleasure to serve you. Thank you for your kind support.
13 Sep 20, 06:31 PM
Angelicia 🇵🇹: Great thanks to IMT support team who fixed up my problem during weekend. Appreciate your good response. Now I'm able to do my research within deadline.
5 Sep 19, 01:04 PM
Sharjeel Hussain: Very poor customer services. I dont understand how others are praising their services. No response to emails. I hope someone notices this message from the company and reaches back to us.
4 Aug 18, 01:59 PM
Jacob Miles- BioLab US: Silent and robust, we runs Simplex 32 in our LC/MS and works 24/7 for 24 months in good condition.
1 Oct 17, 01:11 AM
Issac Dieter- NQAC Nestle: Totally silent, using for sample drying. Marvelous products. May sample were done in minutes and no longer have to change tanks
25 Dec 15, 01:03 AM
Bill Ramsey- Agilent US: Good products with good service. The best companion with Agilent Mass Specs. Tested and proven.
6 Dec 15, 02:42 AM
Carolyn Adams: Simplex N2 Generator was simply amazing and should be owned by every lab. Robust and silent matters in laboratory and proven it's the best of it's class.
11 Jul 15, 08:56 PM
Eric Young-Horizon XCel: It has provides a solution for our Horizon Xcel, finally we have the endless solution on N2 gases.
29 May 15, 10:52 PM
Dan Brown- Ferrero Group: Gas wherever you need it. We are satisfied with IMT service that is really prompt response.
17 Apr 15, 09:34 PM
Lisa A.Miller-Prometheus: No more hazard means alot for us. IMT Simplex Nitrogen Generator really help to reduce hazard in our labs. A great products with great aftersales support. Go for it
20 Mar 15, 02:57 AM
Dimitri Kochenko- SGL: Great to have IMT N2 Generator now.It has good quality and super silent operation. The service team are prompt to assist in 24/7.
17 Dec 14, 07:49 PM
Sanjay Kumar-DSM SG: Works better and noise is low. The overall performance is good with fast service responce. Good to have it with our Waters QDA
31 Oct 14, 03:33 AM
Andy Park -Lotte: IMT N2 Duplex is the perfect partner for Agilent QTOF6550. So quiet and robust.Good service team with fast responce.
2 Aug 14, 02:31 PM
Dimitri Koshchenko-Poncel: IMT N2 Generator are performing good and silent. We are very happy with this equipment. Makes our lab work easier. Just turn it on and it will produced the gas. Service support are fast.
28 May 14, 03:11 AM
Hidayah- UPM Halal Inst: We have IMT N2 Generator with our Waters ELSD. It has been working since 2011 till now, vr robust and silent. We hardly maintain it but still performing in good condition. Good product
14 May 14, 08:05 PM
Frei Von Ferdinand- JHU: Great product ! We use Duplex 62 with Agilent QTof 6550. We are running without tanks anymore.
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