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14 Dec 17, 09:19
joulez: That's no problem, I think this time of year everyone is kind of snowed under a little bit. I know I am with starting a new job, going full time has taken a lot of time to adjust. :)
12 Dec 17, 16:21
Torngate: Sorry if I am a bit missing- end of term for school so the teachers are kinda screwing us majorly
29 Nov 17, 16:05
joulez: And then a little later than I said, but Torngate you have a post waiting when you're ready. :D
22 Nov 17, 18:13
joulez: Torngate - you maybe waiting till the weekend for a reply. Started a new job and it's take a bit of time to settle. :)
16 Nov 17, 20:41
Anni: I second that
14 Nov 17, 10:10
Torngate: *hugs all around* screw November
14 Nov 17, 08:52
joulez: Torngate - No worries, I understand real life gets in the way at times, so no problem on the wait. :) and MsKitty - health comes first before the bored, make sure you take care of yourself, we're all still around when you want to jump back into posting. :)
13 Nov 17, 20:36
MsKitty: My anxiety has hit stupid levels and I was a bit of a moron and didnt nip it in the bud before it go bad enough to cripple me ... but Drs this week for assessments and stuff. So,TL:DR - My brain farted badly, but I hope it works again soon as i can get back to posting
13 Nov 17, 20:35
MsKitty: I am really sorry I havent been around
13 Nov 17, 20:34
MsKitty: Hi everyone
13 Nov 17, 04:01
Torngate: Caleb- super sorry. You've got a post (after too long)
22 Oct 17, 08:14
Anni: It does indeed.
18 Oct 17, 20:23
Torngate: that sucks :/
18 Oct 17, 20:23
Torngate: Aw man.
18 Oct 17, 20:20
Anni: My job has stupidly long hours, a long commute, and no time for anything other than sleep on days off... and I get precious few for 3 weeks a month
18 Oct 17, 13:40
Torngate: ill get to it asap
18 Oct 17, 10:46
joulez: There is a reply for you Torngate when you're ready. :D
18 Oct 17, 07:57
joulez: Thanks for the post torn gate. :) sorry I don't get you a reply yesterday wasn't very well. Today you shall have a reply. :)
17 Oct 17, 21:47
Torngate: whats wrong with your job?
17 Oct 17, 20:07
Anni: I want my job to go away...
17 Oct 17, 01:25
Torngate: There we go, one of mine for two of yours, Joulez.
16 Oct 17, 08:43
Anni: Hopefully will get caught up on posts today, if the power holds out
15 Oct 17, 21:05
Torngate: Night, then :)
15 Oct 17, 21:05
Torngate: Oh yeah. You all live on the other side of the Ocean...
15 Oct 17, 21:05
joulez: Lol honestly there's no rush. Am off for some sleeps now anyway. XD
15 Oct 17, 20:52
Torngate: in fact, I think I'll work on it right now
15 Oct 17, 20:48
joulez: Yay! Well I've got a week off work so I'll be around more no doubt. Lol
15 Oct 17, 20:48
Torngate: Yeah. Thankfully it's the weekend.
15 Oct 17, 20:48
joulez: That's OK no worries. XD I know real life gets in the way at time.
15 Oct 17, 20:37
Torngate: I gotta get a reply up to you today, Joulez. I've had one half done for like a week >.<
15 Oct 17, 19:50
joulez: Lol, now you got me thinking what would caleb need more than a swift kick up the rear at times. :p oooo ufo crash site sounds interesting. :)
15 Oct 17, 19:16
Warlord: Taft is a facilitator character, it'd be more about what Caleb might need with the Sgt. Major. At some point a certain UFO crash site needs to be found, so there's always that.
15 Oct 17, 18:28
joulez: Depends what you had in mind? Am sure caleb would be around. XD
15 Oct 17, 17:08
Warlord: Anybody interested in a Taft thread?
10 Oct 17, 19:43
joulez: Lol thanks. I can have more caleb versions in my head I just don't post them. No worries about the reply.
10 Oct 17, 16:21
Torngate: I blame my edjumication
10 Oct 17, 13:51
Anni: Ouch! Sounds like how my working week feels
10 Oct 17, 13:50
Torngate: I'll try and get you a reply but I'm currently on 48 hrs no sleep so no promises on that...
10 Oct 17, 13:47
Torngate: Only three? you can do it :P
10 Oct 17, 10:15
joulez: It might be impressive but its hard to keep up with 3 different versions of Caleb running through my head at times. :P
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