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29 Aug 16, 11:45
MsKitty: Im like a week late to effectively administer a successful glomp, but still Hey
29 Aug 16, 11:45
MsKitty: HEya
29 Aug 16, 11:45
MsKitty: *glomps warlord*
22 Aug 16, 18:27
Warlord: Our fearless primary Admin had a death in the family and took on some additional real life responsibilities that have prevented her from coming back to online matters including the board.
22 Jul 16, 17:58
MsKitty: I'm all up for getting something going again -0 _ miss you all
22 Jul 16, 17:57
MsKitty: I dont know It sort of petered off start of year, but I think people had life stuff going on
18 Jul 16, 21:33
chimeradragon-away: Just curious if everyone has given up or if it's a summer thing.... I don't see any recent posts in the last few months. I miss the RP!!
18 Jul 16, 21:10
chimeradragon-away: Hey! How you don'? Hope everyone is doing well. I'm sad that not much has been going on and I don't hear from you guys as much... :(
17 Jul 16, 15:04
MsKitty: Yo
15 Jul 16, 07:06
chimeradragon: it is ... when people ae more active. It's been a little quiet lately. The summer is a bit of a dead zone. welcome though!!!
8 Jul 16, 23:17
Shelby: So this site looks pretty cool
5 Jul 16, 16:32
chimeradragon: *oozes sideways*
24 Jun 16, 19:49
MsKitty: *bimbles in*
22 Jun 16, 06:18
chimeradragon: Going to do as much catch up as I can before I get home. Just made a quick post in the Atlantis thread. Wasn't sure if anyone was waiting on me or not so I did a quick one since Rodney isn't directly interacting with anyone. Yet. :)
22 Jun 16, 03:40
chimeradragon: PS: my job is going away in the next week so I'll have more time to get into chatch up (I hope) but I'll be really busy between now and then. Sorry for the long and every unexpected absence. Hugs to all!!!
22 Jun 16, 03:39
chimeradragon: I'm almost home from a few weeks away so I'm hoping they're done messing with my internet. I've missed all of you and getting to play Rodney. Hope everything has been going well for the rest of you.
22 Jun 16, 03:38
chimeradragon: Hey everybody, guess who's not dead or kidnapped? Me! I started a new job in April and it's been totally nuts since then. Mom nearly tore a tendon in her good arm and I've been helping out when I can. She's doing better but that with the combination of construction by my house that's been making my internet spotty hasn't helped me be social at all. *sigh*
13 Apr 16, 18:30
MsKitty: Hi
1 Apr 16, 23:57
Warlord: hi
31 Mar 16, 18:29
MsKitty: Hello
16 Mar 16, 10:31
Anni: *snort*
16 Mar 16, 06:07
Warlord: [link]
12 Mar 16, 10:01
MsKitty: :)
9 Mar 16, 03:08
Warlord: I'd be more worried about getting tea'd on.
8 Mar 16, 20:34
DoctorGrant: C'mon Warlord, no reason to get tea'd off
8 Mar 16, 08:18
Warlord: Neat. Make me some tea. ;)
8 Mar 16, 07:51
Anni: Kettle?
7 Mar 16, 21:16
Warlord: Which one are you? A pot or a pan?
7 Mar 16, 18:42
Anni: Ouch.
7 Mar 16, 17:35
Warlord: *bangs the pots and pans together*
4 Mar 16, 13:22
Anni: Internet has returned to intermittent, engineers looking at it today. Fingers crossed I won't be running my phone as a modem any more!
27 Feb 16, 12:07
Anni: Internet now out indefinitely, will do what I can. Sorry, guys.
25 Feb 16, 21:50
Anni: My internet will be out until at least the weekend, I'm managing a little bit of connectivity by hooking my phone up to my PC
25 Feb 16, 10:05
Joulez: *waves* am still around as well. after a week off rubbish that happened am now back on track. So anyone who wants a thread with Caleb/Elvria/Teyla gimmie a shout. XD
25 Feb 16, 08:47
Anni: I'm still around... kind of. Internet is being a nightmare.
25 Feb 16, 08:47
Anni: I think you owe in the thread with Caleb and Claire
24 Feb 16, 18:20
MsKitty: I am still about if anyone wants to do anything with Mere/Sophie/Elizabeth
24 Feb 16, 18:18
MsKitty: Yo
22 Feb 16, 16:59
Warlord: You don't have to mention it in your thread, we all know it's happening.
22 Feb 16, 05:11
Anni: *snort*
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