14 Jan 16, 03:42 PM
bella-thorne.com: bella-thorne.com is back :) please add us in elite again :)
28 Oct 15, 10:03 PM
Mercy: Hiiii love the page :)
11 Sep 15, 04:12 AM
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22 Mar 15, 05:21 PM
Kumar: Well if you fail to reply to then you will be short with one fan in ur life
22 Mar 15, 05:17 PM
Kumar: Just care to reply to ur fan cuz some doesn't like to be ignored..!
22 Mar 15, 03:27 PM
Kumar: Hi
22 Mar 15, 03:27 PM
Kumar: Hi.
31 Dec 14, 03:07 PM
Tom Yu: Hello,I'm a student,and I want to have a pen pal to practice my English.Would you mind talking to me