26 Aug 15, 01:41 PM
Nan: Ooh, we are flattered even though I wasn't here for the compliment!
26 Aug 15, 12:18 PM
Cash: Moderately in love with your site, great work :)
24 Aug 15, 02:09 PM
Nan: Eeexcellent! We're pretty laid back around here honestly
24 Aug 15, 02:06 PM
guest: well, it's perfect now ^^
24 Aug 15, 02:05 PM
Nan: I didn't update it after I revamped the rules. @.@
24 Aug 15, 02:05 PM
Nan: There we go, now the Quick Start links to the right page.
24 Aug 15, 02:04 PM
guest: no worries, and thanks for the link :3
24 Aug 15, 02:04 PM
Nan: That was my bad
24 Aug 15, 02:04 PM
Nan: The rules are here by the way!
24 Aug 15, 02:03 PM
Nan: Whoops! Give me two shakes of a tailfeather to fix that!
24 Aug 15, 02:03 PM
guest: the quick start links me here for the rules http://sacredandprofane.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=5 but it says i don't have permission to view that topic
16 Aug 15, 02:34 PM
Nan: We got a fair amount of traffic that week
16 Aug 15, 02:34 PM
Nan: I'm gonna advertise over there again soonish
16 Aug 15, 02:34 PM
Nan: /r/roleplay
16 Aug 15, 02:33 PM
Bluenail: Where was this on reddit?
6 Aug 15, 09:47 PM
Nan: Hopefully we'll have an open enough world that you guys can decide via IC interactions when and how the supernatural world gets revealed, though
6 Aug 15, 09:29 PM
Rubric: oK
6 Aug 15, 09:27 PM
Nan: They're definitely underground at the moment.
6 Aug 15, 06:14 PM
Rubric: Is the site live yet? also I assume from what I have read that the supernatural elements are hiding? or are they known to the general populace.
5 Aug 15, 06:33 PM
Nan: Oh yeeps, sorry for not getting to this earlier! The whole "site lore" section kind of serves that purpose, but the setting is basically a supernaturally augmented modern US
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