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03/24/20 09:27 PM
Trouble: awwww
03/24/20 09:28 PM
Jewels: its a good song
03/24/20 09:29 PM
Trouble: sure is
03/24/20 09:31 PM
Jewels: this song just makes me think that zombies are all we are missing in this weird crap going on
03/24/20 09:31 PM
Trouble: so trueeeeeeee
03/24/20 09:32 PM
Jewels: streets are empty just kinda expect to see them come around the corner any minute
03/24/20 09:33 PM
Trouble: here too
03/24/20 09:33 PM
Trouble: hope the easter bunny can get out this easter
03/24/20 09:33 PM
Jewels: i kinda doubt that
03/24/20 09:34 PM
Jewels: but im sure the parents will do the best they can
03/24/20 09:34 PM
Jewels: my daughter planning a virtual dinner already
03/24/20 09:34 PM
Trouble: awwwwwww
03/24/20 09:35 PM
Trouble: yes they will
03/24/20 09:37 PM
Nikia: easter is happening in our family lol sister is done my niece and sil is done for the boys and im just gonna give dolly some cash
03/24/20 09:47 PM
Jewels: well I'm gonna head out take care all and don't forget to wash ur hands :)
03/24/20 09:48 PM
Jimbojetset: bye jewels
03/24/20 09:49 PM
Nikia: night jewels love you
03/24/20 09:49 PM
Trouble: night jewels love you <3
03/27/20 05:38 PM
sensiluv: hb paula
03/29/20 01:04 AM
sensiluv: Thank you very much Jimbo and the rest of the tutt staff you made a night with Jimbo and Final Frontier a great sucess.