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12/03/19 10:14 PM
rick: im better now i had some breathing issues but better now i think it was a chest cold
12/03/19 10:20 PM
Trouble: that is good that time of the year for colds
12/11/19 04:49 PM
12/11/19 04:50 PM
GRACE WILSON: I was wondering if you could play Snoopy's Christmas?
12/14/19 07:39 PM
blop: play the enema song for koh
12/15/19 09:45 PM
Trouble: :santa:
12/16/19 04:49 PM
steponekirsty: :hb5: :kia: hope you have an amazing day sweetie xxx ps we also put shout in our shoutbox ;)
12/17/19 03:38 PM
Infiniti: hi there I was wondering if you become our league station will you also have a free HTML host
12/18/19 07:56 PM
Trouble: yes we sure do infiniti which league are you with?
12/19/19 06:09 PM
Infiniti: Its Euchre 101 in Safe Harbor and the HA is Cool Whip. I passed on this info and she would love to hear from you
12/20/19 12:08 AM
Trouble: tyvm will get hold of amythyst and we will get you set up :)
12/23/19 11:19 PM
habs33: tyvm trouble
12/30/19 06:31 PM
habs33: hello everyone ! <3
01/12/20 02:15 PM
rick: :flag15:
01/12/20 09:11 PM
rick: dang what a game
01/12/20 09:11 PM
rick: no one saw that one coming lol
01/13/20 09:42 PM
rick: :kansas_1: :flag30:
01/13/20 09:42 PM
rick: should be a good game
01/15/20 01:23 PM
Krazylady: is amy around?
01/16/20 11:42 AM
rick: :chicken: