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11/23/19 09:03 PM
zag: Kimbo are you there this the zigster\
11/23/19 09:04 PM
zag: jimbo*
11/23/19 09:05 PM
zag: seems not . tell my cherubs ziggy said he still loves them
11/24/19 08:24 PM
empressdee1979: Been watching the half time show of the CFL and saw Keith Urban where he played one of my favorite songs called the Fighter.
11/27/19 11:37 PM
imapoet2003: hi all.
11/27/19 11:38 PM
imapoet2003: Well, it seems I'm the only one here tonight. Goodnight, then. Great show, Jimbo.
11/28/19 12:13 PM
uprailfan: Hi.
11/28/19 09:51 PM
empressdee1979: I guess I have to be patient. Hi there tutt radio.
11/28/19 09:52 PM
empressdee1979: Going to get my left eye repaired tomorrow, or at the very least checked by a specialist.
11/28/19 09:52 PM
empressdee1979: I was kinda hoping that it would be Adam Bomb's show tonight.
11/28/19 09:59 PM
empressdee1979: Found some good songs tonight.
12/03/19 10:11 PM
rick: hiya trouble
12/03/19 10:12 PM
rick: :dance17: lol
12/03/19 10:12 PM
Trouble: lol
12/03/19 10:12 PM
rick: hey how are ya\
12/03/19 10:13 PM
Trouble: doing good how are you?
12/03/19 10:14 PM
rick: im better now i had some breathing issues but better now i think it was a chest cold
12/03/19 10:15 PM
rick: getting ready for dinner now so have a great show love ya
12/03/19 10:20 PM
Trouble: that is good that time of the year for colds
12/03/19 10:20 PM
Trouble: tyvm love ya too and see you soon