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26 Mar 17, 08:24 AM
Brow: @Noname - Anything Good ?
26 Mar 17, 08:25 AM
Noname: @Brow fighting Isis and Trump support
26 Mar 17, 08:26 AM
Brow: @Noname - That's a + & Going Forward Then
26 Mar 17, 08:27 AM
Noname: @Brow he said in a couple weeks Isis would be defeated in iraq
26 Mar 17, 08:28 AM
Brow: @Noname - Read that ISIS Fighters was coming down with "AIDS"
26 Mar 17, 08:30 AM
Noname: @Brow our down fall started with bush one he talked of a new world order slash one world government
26 Mar 17, 08:31 AM
Brow: @Noname - True
26 Mar 17, 08:31 AM
Brow: @Noname -Read that Article in Searching 4 Dinar
26 Mar 17, 08:32 AM
Brow: @Noname -Thanks
26 Mar 17, 08:32 AM
Noname: @Brow the swamp is full on both sides of the isle
26 Mar 17, 08:32 AM
Brow: @Zig -Thanks
26 Mar 17, 08:33 AM
Zig: Chris Wallace interviews Abadi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHa5LO7sDpM
26 Mar 17, 08:39 AM
Brow: @Noname - You Got That Right of Fiflth
26 Mar 17, 08:55 AM
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26 Mar 17, 08:58 AM
Jo: Do your own research
26 Mar 17, 08:59 AM
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26 Mar 17, 09:13 AM
mod: As crazy as it may sound I agree with Jo NASA has and continues to lie to us a deception for sure
26 Mar 17, 09:18 AM
Noname: @mod I agree nasa has lied. Lied that we are alone. The truth is slowly coming out
26 Mar 17, 09:22 AM
Jo: Yep nasa has fooled most everyone :confused:
26 Mar 17, 09:23 AM
Noname: @mod as for me the bible leaves more questions tha answers. One of the biggest is where did Cains wife come from.
26 Mar 17, 09:30 AM
Jo: They are highly compartmentalized so they even fool their own employees and again they take over $53 million usd PER DAY! of our tax dollars. And most people worship nasa what a SCAM! We have been duped BIG TIME folks!
26 Mar 17, 09:37 AM
Noname: @Jo it's not just nasa. It's the power behind our government. That's why we need to stand with our Presedent Trump and drain the swamp.
26 Mar 17, 09:41 AM
Noname: @Jo the power did not want Trump because he's to rich to be controlled. That's why he needs more support from Americas citizens than ever
26 Mar 17, 09:42 AM
Jo: @Noname Agree however bummed Trump signs spending $19.5 billion for a year - bill for NASA, whose budget he just proposed cutting http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/21/donald-trump-nasa-195-billion/99444598/
26 Mar 17, 09:43 AM
Jo: Trump may also be duped by nasa ?
26 Mar 17, 09:45 AM
Jo: That money could be used better
26 Mar 17, 09:51 AM
The Crisco Kid: Yea Put It Toward Building That Wall .....
26 Mar 17, 09:52 AM
Noname: @Jo possibly. How long has it been since we have heard a politician say make America great again? Put America first.
26 Mar 17, 09:53 AM
Noname: @The Crisco Kid we need the wall
26 Mar 17, 09:53 AM
Jo: @Noname Agree and Killary the demon would not have be good for our country
26 Mar 17, 09:53 AM
The Crisco Kid: Dam Know We Do
26 Mar 17, 09:54 AM
Noname: @Jo agree
26 Mar 17, 09:58 AM
Jo: I think VP Pence is behind the "space" exploration non-since
26 Mar 17, 10:00 AM
Noname: @Jo it's time to tell what's really known
26 Mar 17, 10:03 AM
Jo: it's will be very hard for people to believe unless it comes from nasa or lame stream nedia
26 Mar 17, 10:05 AM
Jo: and they will most likely not tell on themselves so it could divide humanity big time IMO
26 Mar 17, 10:05 AM
Noname: @Jo private industry is getting into the space race I think it will come from them
26 Mar 17, 10:07 AM
Jo: private co's may be in for just the big bucks$$$
26 Mar 17, 10:08 AM
Noname: @Jo I believe they want answers and are also tired of being lied to
26 Mar 17, 10:09 AM
Noname: @Jo yes they need to make money