4 Oct 14, 10:58 AM
Mary: Testing
1 Nov 14, 05:42 PM
Donnalee: came to look at your lovely tutorials...nice blog,thanks for frames shared
2 Nov 14, 01:03 AM
Mary: You are so very welcome. I am happy that you liked them!
3 Feb 15, 10:50 AM
Mary: :heart: :P :cool:
3 Feb 15, 10:51 AM
Mary: Might as well post to myself, since no one else does LOL
22 Jan 16, 06:31 PM
Deb: Has BLT designs changed names or no longer sell?
22 Jan 16, 06:31 PM
Deb: I am interested in this tutorial uses her kit
10 Aug 16, 02:06 AM
Mary: Deb it has been a while since I have worked with BLT Designs, so I am sorry but I cannot help you.