21 Jul 17, 05:19 PM
sasuke: shika if you are round i sent u mail on fb
24 Dec 16, 03:42 PM
sasuke chan: im looking forward for the 2nd season
21 Dec 16, 06:27 PM
Shi-chan: I watched it just yesterday. I wasn't sure about it at first then i watched the first episode and loved it!
14 Dec 16, 07:09 PM
sasuke chan: u guys need to watch yuri on ice u will like it
17 Nov 16, 02:34 PM
Shika: Lol, well that's good
11 Nov 16, 07:29 PM
sasuke chan: T_T there's a new Arc of Naruto I'm so glad Naruto is not ending yet
7 Oct 16, 04:17 PM
sasuke chan: yea T_T
7 Oct 16, 03:45 PM
Shika: Wow... i can't believe it's ending...
6 Oct 16, 02:48 PM
sasuke chan: there 2 more ep T___T
5 Oct 16, 09:20 PM
sasuke chan: T----------T
5 Oct 16, 09:20 PM
sasuke chan: and today is the day naruto end his series that his son takes over....... im going to miss the naruto series T-T
5 Oct 16, 09:19 PM
sasuke chan: naruto is my first love i have find on the net that started me into anime then shika find me on a anime site on a chat box that invited me to her site to enjoy more anime
1 Oct 16, 03:21 PM
sasuke chan: dates for fall anime http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2016/10/01-1/ntt-docomo-research-fall-2016-tv-anime-anticipation-ranking
27 Sep 16, 11:43 AM
sasuke chan: yea boruto is the next one
25 Sep 16, 11:06 PM
Shika: Yeah, its crazy how that changed... i tried getting back into it, but couldn't do it...
25 Sep 16, 11:04 PM
Shika: Nope, July 2008 :) does feel like forever ago
23 Sep 16, 02:41 PM
Shi-chan: I did read about that on gaia when that happened...I haven't been on it anymore...I'm scared to look at the prices for anything on there D:
23 Sep 16, 02:39 PM
Shi-chan: It feels a lot longer than 8 years :O
22 Sep 16, 05:30 PM
Shika: Did you guys know this site is 8 years old now? That's crazy to think we just keep coming back...
22 Sep 16, 01:45 PM
Shika: That said, I'm now a billionare after paying around it for an hour
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