Cindy: Congrats poor Saints was a exciting game
Cindy: What a game! team ahead..30 seconds left..and the other team got a 30 seconds..ugh
Cindy: Hi everyone..Football playoffs today!
Barbie: pretty Peggers
Peggers: Glad you like it Denise ;)
Denise: Great header peggers thankyou! X
Denise: Still havin probs with pc hope you all ok Happy Birthday Sonia xxx
Phil: Yeah no work until Wednesday Cindy :) woohoo!
Cindy: You doing ok today work hun?
Cindy: have a nice time with daughter Sonia!..hugs
Phil: Hope it does the trick Sonia xxx
Sonia: Have to go now have nice Sunday all
Cindy: right..nooo dont take too much..dont do that hun
Sonia: Thank you Phil yes just taken some oromorph dont like taking to much of it
Cindy: are you taking your meds that doctor gave you?..I hate your hurting so much hun
Phil: Happy Birthday Sonia :) ♫ ♪
Sonia: Aww thank you my arthritas is bad today so stopping in
Cindy: I said
Cindy: awww..well still tell her I said I..and I think the world of her mama
Cindy: we have 2 birthdays this month..I looked on Jan1st..and it was yours and Cala'
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