Sonia: Good afternoon all wishing you better Cindy had my flue jab
Francesca: Sometimes the flu shot can make one sick, how ironic.
John: Get well soon
John: Sorry to hear you are sick Cindy i'm told we are in for a dose this year in the UK- I've had my jab
Cindy: Jules and Barbie have WWO pickups ready..please check..hugs
Cindy: Peggers and Alan have WWO up and they both are wonderful..take a look
Cindy: I put the names on Challenges thread that still have pickup
Cindy: Sinus fun..I knew I was sick..ugh
Cindy: I will be back..I am sick..going to Urgent Care..I took flu shot a month ago..dang
Francesca: Cute offer Peggers
Francesca: Good Morning
Peggers: a new offer on my board, please pick up tags already made on the pickups, thanks
sonia: Lovely offer from Alan
sonia: Good mornimng all cold and raining here
dw: tags are posted for pu
Denise: Alan has an offer up please take a look...Thanks Alan great tag set
Denise: Just off to take Betsy walk BBL xx
Cindy: Goodmorning Denise and Francesca..also everyone who follows..hugs
Denise: Will make most of it today.. have to take Betsy walkies in a bit tho xx
Denise: Goodmorning Everyone! Well i got it working today who knows about tmrw lol
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