squish: hi
Barbie: have posted Betty and Veronica's PU's and Lilley you need to pu ty
Cindy: Thank you Francesca!..I love them!..love ya girl..hugs
Sonia: Good afternoon hope everyone having relaxing Sunday
Francesca: Cindy, I have something special in your gift-box: Go and take a look when you get a chance
Cindy: Your welcome!..I have some coming for everyone..will post as I get them..hugs
Betty: Good Sunday. Glad it's feeling better Cindy. Thank you for the pressie you left me. Hugs
Denise: Happy Sunday Everyone!
Cindy: Thank you Betty..it has helped some..not as bad..hugs
Cindy: aawww..Barbie..hope your eyes feel better hun..love ya
Barbie: I'll try to be in tomorrow my eyes are killing me today k love ya
Denise: Hiya squish how ya doin?
Betty: Oh no Cindy. Hope the shots are working. Hugs
Cindy: Goodmorning..ty hun
Sonia: Good morning all hope you feel better Cindy
Cindy: I hope it works..ugh..I loved my doctor in mississippi and michigan..down here so far notta
Cindy: This doctor down here went up on leg..not right in the knee like all my other doctors have??
Cindy: Thank you Peggers..it always takes a few days to feel it.
Peggers: Hope you feel better Cindy ;)
Peggers: If I run across any I will make them for you Denise..I have a new offer up
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