Purrr: Thank you very much Amela for all my fab fab tags big hug's xxx
Purrr: Welcome Cindy
Francesca: You are very welcome, was my pleasure: Good Morning everyone.
Cindy: Thank you Francesca for the awesome tags in Gift Boxes!
Cindy: Thank you Amela for all the awesome tags in Gift Boxes!!
Cindy: Thank you Purr for the awesome tags in gift box!..hugssss
Cindy: I know Barbie..If I pay for postimage..which is much cheaper..I might need alittle training..lol
Barbie: getting ridiculous with the prices online they screw you
Barbie: Cindy I would never pay that much for PB even if I had it that's way too much this is
Barbie: Sonia I posted your winning tags
Sonia: Good afternoon all heavy snow here so cold
Cindy: Jules,Alan,Sharon has pickups..names outside threads..ty..hugs
Cindy: Denise put a second page in voting so we can click back and post while it swirls..YES!
Cindy: they want that img code for sig..if I had the money I would just keep PB
Cindy: I know that is going to cost me..I will just have to wait till jan..I dont want to pay then cant use
Cindy: well I just took the 30 day free trial..so I havent paid..postimage I guess I will have to check
Barbie: took forever I just kept trying and went back n forth to post to see what would show
Barbie: I had a hard time doing it as I finally posted it with postimage have no idea how I got it as it
Barbie: No HTML code is allowed Alan so something with your url......
alan: wwo tags posted for those that requested
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