Sonia: Good evening all
Denise: Thanks Barbie xx
Barbie: I left a tag there for Veronica
Barbie: I'll pop in there after posting Denise
Denise: Tagger needed in games area please ...Thanks xx
Denise: Told them i would let you all know...may bbk in future :)
Denise: Just to let you all know Ten & Shannon are no longer with us they decided to leave :(
Barbie: bl going to get my hair done yayyyyyyyyyy
Sonia: Good afternoon all
Denise: I wouldn't be without my Betsy now..she's my world love her to bits xx
Francesca: Sounds a little like I am, now that I read what I just wrote
Francesca: They are like babies who really never grow up
Francesca: Unconditionally
Francesca: No one is going to love you like a dog
Francesca: We seem to accommodate them
Francesca: She lays so close to me I can barley move
Francesca: She is very small but she seems to take up most of the bed
Francesca: She is a sweetie, but oh so stubborn
Francesca: I really like "Poodles" as I think people notice that I do
Francesca: I will have to look in my ay to many tags and PhotoBuckets, I shall find one of her
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