Denise: Catch ya ltr hun xx
sonia: Off to doctors now have nice day byeee
sonia: Hi Denise was cloudy earlier but nice now not very warm though
Denise: Morning Sonia Send it this way please...bit dull here :(
sonia: Good moring all nice sunny day here
Denise: Vikki...Left you a little's not much dont get too excited lol
Denise: Thanks Ladies
Maria: Goos Morning everybody
Maria: May 14th in the states is Mothers Day
Sonia: Going to make lunch now byeee
Sonia: Think it is later in America but not sure about other countries
Denise: Hellooo peeps! Question for ya...Mothers day Uk is this Sunday 26th..UK... what about elsewhere?
Sonia: Good moprning all
Denise: Anyone who hasn't a gift box please shout up xx
Denise: Done you a gift box Vikki
Denise: Hello & Welcome Vikki
Denise: Morning Peeps!
Denise: Yes Sonia..Sun out here but very cold brrr
Denise: Thanks Claire xx
Denise: Havin probs with PB now grrrr
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