[older messages]
Pamela: I left a tag on all gift boxes for the girls
Cindy: I paid for Diamond..I tried Friday couldnt get computer booted..ugh
Cindy: Hi everyone..thank you for being patient..I will have to change cbox..this is Denises..dont know how
Cindy: Denise where are you?..get computer soon..get money this week
Cindy: group looks great ladies..thank you so much!!
Jude: Thank you Cindy & welcome home..lol
John: Tea
John: Welcome back Cindy Missed you !
EllyBl: Good Morning group. This morning I woke up in a white world. It had snowed. Wish you all a fine Tues
John: cng
John: uuu uuu
Barbie: uuu John
Cindy: I got my computer to work today..lol..for a few minutes anyways..hope to get laptop soon..I missed u
Barbie: hope u get it soon Cindy
EllyBl: Good Afternoon, another day with snow and storm.
Denise: Hiya Everyone! Sorry not been in havin trouble with my eyes keep goin blurey & pc probs too hope
Denise: to bbk more at weekend xoxox Thanks ever so much Crystal Cindy & all for keeping it going loves ya
Denise: Done chat box now i can't get it back at top grrr will bbk tmr & try it then uuu
Jude: Denise Where are you?
Pamela: WKEND