18 Jul 19, 09:15 PM
merc: Hey Jay! Skinning lessons will open again in the future. Depending on how the first few weeks go, they might open up again in late August!
18 Jul 19, 06:46 AM
Jay: Darn it I missed sign ups for the skinning lessons yet again.
15 Jul 19, 03:37 PM
jo: anyway i'm so excited that skinning sign ups are open again :hearteyes:
15 Jul 19, 09:33 AM
snow: I get that but even jcinks creator has stated that he wouldn't advise letting people see it. No legitament website would allow guest and regular users to have even slight access to backend resources and that is a back end resource for jcink. It would almost be like releasing a game and letting end game users the ability to potentually see parts of the code created within the IDE. It isn't the proper way to code if certain aspects aren't meant for the general public even if it isn't exploitable
14 Jul 19, 12:33 PM
jo: http://.jcink.net/admin.php? is the link to any jcink site's admin cp. it doesn't matter if we can see it or not. not having access to it is all that matters c(:
13 Jul 19, 07:22 PM
anne: :hungry:
13 Jul 19, 05:02 PM
Tailsam: Asdasd
12 Jul 19, 06:48 PM
snow: its still not a habit to get into when coding. You don't want regular people having the ability to maybe access and exploit backend systems
12 Jul 19, 05:50 PM
jill: doesn't really matter as we don't have acp or mod cp access
9 Jul 19, 07:47 PM
theo: idk if you guys know this or not, but members can see the admin and mod cp
6 Jul 19, 08:09 AM
Tangled: The blue is perfect
4 Jul 19, 09:55 PM
Jaya: It really is nice
4 Jul 19, 03:38 PM
jo: omg so pretty
3 Jul 19, 09:19 PM
anne: the new skin is looovely c:
1 Jul 19, 06:07 PM
merc: glad to hear it, jodi :D
1 Jul 19, 04:56 PM
jodi: loving the new colours * ^*
1 Jul 19, 11:14 AM
shadia: seals are adorabblleee
17 Jun 19, 10:39 PM
Vivian: seals are so cute
17 Jun 19, 02:47 PM
Jaya: Fair enough
17 Jun 19, 02:01 PM
kookie: yeah the seals are the sea puppers, dogs are land puppers
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