29 Oct 14, 09:23 PM
Sakura Travel: Thank you for the suggestion, we will inform you soon.
29 Oct 14, 09:20 PM
Sakura Travel: Sure, eun sang!
29 Oct 14, 08:44 PM
diong: i just want to ask you aa can you aa do the package to go kpop concert aa ? if you can do it aa i think aa many people will travel with sakura agency
29 Oct 14, 08:34 PM
eun sang: if we buy you package can we go concert kpop for awile ?
29 Oct 14, 08:10 PM
Sakura Travel: We love Korea tooooo!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
29 Oct 14, 08:09 PM
Sakura Travel: We're glad that you like our tour guide, we love him so much toooo! :heart: :P
29 Oct 14, 08:07 PM
madihah_curvy: I fall in love with Korea right after i travel with Sakura Travel.
29 Oct 14, 08:06 PM
peah: cheq can see the face of the tour guide like the boy in boys over flowers. cheq like him so much, cheq will definitely be buying packaging 3!!!
29 Oct 14, 08:04 PM
Sakura Travel: :D
29 Oct 14, 08:04 PM
Sakura Travel: We are so happy to help you with your business, we would be contacting you ASAP!
29 Oct 14, 08:03 PM
Sakura Travel: Yes, we're providing it Arissa! :glad:
29 Oct 14, 08:02 PM
Sakura Travel: Sure, saravanan! We are so happy to provide the best service for you! :biggrin:
29 Oct 14, 07:59 PM
bawalshawl_rm10: Visit my ig for tudung and shawl murah!!!!!!!!!!!!
29 Oct 14, 07:59 PM
Hussein: im starting a sausage business. i would like to expand my business to korea and would like to go by your agency. contact me : hussein_sausagemurah@yahoo.com
29 Oct 14, 07:57 PM
Arissa Kato: Arigato, do you provide the plane ticket for our trip to korea? i've booked the 3rd package.
29 Oct 14, 07:55 PM
saravanan: dey i wanna go korea lah dey to meet my fav kpop star, u know exo? i wanna fanboy
29 Oct 14, 07:54 PM
Sakura Travel: have a nice day, ubat langsing :lol:
29 Oct 14, 07:53 PM
Sakura Travel: Thank you so much! :heart:
29 Oct 14, 07:53 PM
Sakura Travel: Yes, of course you can! The extra charges depend on the service you would like to have :cool:
29 Oct 14, 07:51 PM
ubatlangsing: Visit my ig for the ideal shape of your body. Dont miss it!!!!! @ubatlangsing
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