10/19/18 11:43 AM
Lucky: Hey! Add Carlsberg Beer on your billboards.
08/19/17 08:31 PM
Bob: bkt may langaw?
03/25/17 01:13 PM
ManilaB0y: Salamat sa mga MP3 mo. Keep it up!
01/27/17 10:23 AM
Nolz: "Dr. Pepper" try to add that on your in-game billboards or murals.
01/20/17 12:37 PM
pEEwEE: The Crystal Pepsi... selling lasted from 1992 to 1993.
01/19/17 02:10 PM
TriggerMan33: Try 'Diet Coke' of the coca-cola co.
01/19/17 01:12 PM
Hayden: @freshmilk69. The classic "Swiss Miss" hot milk chocolate! I remember that brand name from my childhood days and that brand is still on the market even today my friend.
01/18/17 01:00 PM
freshmilk69: Can anyone please tell me any good, famous world wide brands that exist in year 1992 (or before 1992). You can post it here if you know some. Thank you guys.
01/15/17 12:08 PM
dAvE: Hey! You put a FLY on my screen. LOL
12/20/16 08:31 PM
Paul: thank you for the free downloads. More updates please.
11/26/16 10:56 PM
harshjot: thanks
11/13/16 11:43 PM
Lortep: Wow! You even made that Fly realistic too! LOL
10/17/16 11:57 PM
Gloc: hey, i can't download your mp3s...
09/26/16 01:59 PM
Barty: Your mp3s are dope! Keep it up freshmilk.
08/28/16 11:21 PM
Boris: Wow! U make those murals very realistic. Thank u.
08/17/16 02:48 PM
Renz: Now I know why you didn't put screenshots on you GTA San Andreas Upgrades Mod. That mod adds some X-rated materials! Hahahaha... But still it's a great mod, so thank you & keep it up freshmilk
08/12/16 01:14 PM
Aries: Great mods. Turning the parody into reality! Thanks.
10/24/15 08:21 PM
感谢: 非常非常感谢你的广告牌
10/08/15 02:29 AM
Chico33: Thanks for your Billboards. Keep it up.
04/29/15 02:10 AM
DieHrd101: I installed the SA restaraunt mod now i can't open my american.gxt file...it says stream read error???
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