30 Apr 17, 09:24 PM
subham: Wow man what a wonderful website
25 Mar 17, 01:59 PM
Chrissyteigen.org: cool site!
23 Feb 17, 02:55 PM
AcidApple65: :heart:
23 Feb 17, 02:55 PM
AcidApple65: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph577f0b2bafa8b
7 Jan 17, 02:24 PM
Krzysztof from Poland: Maybe you want met to me. I show you my fundaction for the animals, and maybe drink caffe with me :)
7 Jan 17, 02:22 PM
Krzysztof from Poland: You the best actress on the WORLD!. I admire you. When will you be the Poland, pleas send mail too me - st_krz@o2.pl !
7 Jan 17, 02:18 PM
Krzysztof from Poland: I have hope a met you, and i know you.. Maybe is very strange, but this is my dream. Krzysztos Stępień :)
6 Dec 16, 09:06 PM
Ricardo: I know, I know, but I had always hoped it would be confirmed. Sadly, it wasn't. Thank you for your answer, Amy.
6 Dec 16, 07:41 PM
Amy: Ricardo - the premiere was NEVER confirmed that's why we put TBC next to them if we aren't sure. We always said it was a rumour - they have finished their European press.
6 Dec 16, 05:33 PM
Ricardo: I am sorry to insist on this, but I booked a flight to London with my daughter (we're from Portugal) because she is obsessed with JLaw, and apparently we are making the trip in vain.
6 Dec 16, 05:30 PM
Ricardo: Hello again. I've just noticed that the (likely) London Premiere of Passengers has been removed from your site. Does that mean that it has been canceled?
4 Dec 16, 12:24 PM
Ricardo: (cont) The Premiere is happening, of course - I meant to ask if JLaw will be present. :)
4 Dec 16, 12:23 PM
Ricardo: Hi! Any idea when/if the London Premiere of 'Passengers' is really happening?
4 Nov 16, 09:59 PM
EF in FLA: What is it with Jen and older men but hey if she's happy her fandom should be happy right along with her.
3 Sep 16, 10:33 PM
Cheah Kiang: Wanneer begin film New X-men? De toekomst is misschien Deel 3 of 4. Dat klopt is. Alsjeblieft antwoord me ok
12 Aug 16, 11:06 PM
Admin: Guys - she's currently feeling her Darren Afronsky movie so she's busy at the moment - but we're starting to get news for Passengers!
5 Aug 16, 04:59 AM
Hmr: Where is Jen? It's been over two months since she has been spotted!
2 Aug 16, 02:24 AM
Jen Army: Yes I've seen the Graham Norton's one and she was talking about that waxing technique :glad:
2 Aug 16, 12:15 AM
Hurricane: Hi guys, as a Jen's fan I assume you've seen The Graham Norton Show S19E08. So my question is do you know what exactly did she mean by "he finally gets a brazilian" @ 7:35?
27 Jul 16, 01:00 AM
EF in FLA: Things are way too quiet right now in Jen world. Hope it picks up when Passengers drops.
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