14 Oct 16, 08:18 PM
conrad-daily: Thank you, same for your Marla!
11 Oct 16, 03:24 PM
Marta: Have a good day!
15 May 16, 10:19 PM
Amber: OMG an open meet&greet in Bosten? I need to be there!!! Thanks so much for posting, It´s the first time ever I will meet him!
15 Apr 16, 10:07 PM
conrad-daily: You´re right Fatima, Fandom brought us together and now we support Conrad the same way. Thanks for you nice words!
13 Apr 16, 09:53 PM
Fatima: THIS SITE IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEND TO ME ❤️😍, We are all brothers and sisters, we support Conrad 💝 as one big and strong family 💘💝😍👌🏻👍🏻😘❤️
9 Mar 16, 10:00 PM
conrad-daily: Thank you, Brianna!
7 Mar 16, 09:05 PM
Brianna: Amazing site, thanks for all the updates. I love Conrad!
23 Jan 16, 09:50 PM
laura: Just saw the new coke commercial on TV!
22 Jan 16, 04:52 AM
laura: Did you get water up your nose when you filmed the video "Start Again"
22 Jan 16, 04:50 AM
laura: Saw you at your first NYC show Webster hall. You are amazing. Such a big fan.
22 Nov 15, 10:15 PM
conrad-daily: Thank you Elsa and sorry for the late reply. It means a lot that you visit back and like the site!
18 Nov 15, 01:26 AM
Elsa Santos: I love the daily updates. I check everything out on all yr sites. I'm addicted. Melbournes gig was awesome.
21 Oct 15, 07:44 PM
conrad-daily: Thank you Yvette, I´m really happy that you like the site!
19 Oct 15, 07:10 AM
Yvette: oh I just found this website...IT's amazing!Thanks for all you did for Conrad!So happy to be his fans with you guys
1 Oct 15, 10:01 AM
conrad-daily: There is no specific link, Stephanie but you can listen to Nova 96.9 and Shazam Top 20 online or via App. The station plays Who You Lovin!
30 Sep 15, 10:55 PM
Stephanie: Hello! Do you know where I can listen to Who You Lovin outside Australia?
21 Sep 15, 07:21 PM
conrad-daily: Secrets, Secrets - Kidding! I just look out for it with a few advanced search combinations... have fun at the show, Jennifer, whereever you will see him!
21 Sep 15, 10:02 AM
Jennifer: Thank you for all the updates about Conrad. He´s so amazing!!! Can´t wait to see him live. May I ask how you find all the news?
16 Sep 15, 07:53 AM
Lori: I saw Conrad at Communion NY, he´s so good and found a new Fan. Hope to see him again soon!
1 Aug 15, 08:52 PM
conrad-daily: it´s been scheduld between october and winter he says in interviews. There´s no fixed date yet ut it isn´t that long anymore
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