13 Mar 17, 06:39 AM
Arne: To the castle is one of the most fun games I have played in my life ! Brilliant gameplay!
13 Mar 17, 06:38 AM
Arne: To the fastlege is noe og the. Seg and most fin games i have played in my life
11 Oct 15, 04:52 PM
DODOZEN: Hi Ghost_mare, we plan to launch the game just before the end of the year. :)
11 Oct 15, 04:51 PM
Ghost_mare: I've just downloaded the beta. You guys rock! When are you releasing this? I love it!
18 Nov 14, 07:07 PM
DODOZEN: Thanks guys! Stay tuned! we have a lot of suprises and news coming soon!
16 Nov 14, 10:53 PM
Luso: Amazing blog... congrats!
10 Nov 14, 08:14 PM
Simon: Wow guys! this projects look promising! :D