3 Aug 15, 08:27 PM
miriamfanz: @kawaiiliv: Updated.
1 Aug 15, 10:42 PM
kawaiiliv: @miriamfanz: Could you update the "Upcoming HKTV Dramas" page? Thanks!
15 May 15, 10:48 PM
miriamfanz: @vivi: Hi :)
8 May 15, 09:05 AM
vivi: hi
18 Apr 15, 01:14 AM
miriamfanz: they are really looking to produce it, but it probably won't be as good.
18 Apr 15, 01:13 AM
miriamfanz: @llwy12: I thought the script was already written? I guess they could always get another writer if
13 Apr 15, 08:55 PM
llwy12: won't be involved with that project either...definitely not interested in the movie then....
13 Apr 15, 08:55 PM
llwy12: and if the TE movie news is true (which I still have doubts), pretty sure this means Benny Wong
13 Apr 15, 08:53 PM
llwy12: I guess this is yet another sign that there won't be season 2...
13 Apr 15, 08:52 PM
llwy12: Hey miriamfanz: So I just found out that The Election's scriptwriter Benny Wong has returned to TVB
18 Mar 15, 03:06 AM
miriamfanz: @kawaiiliv: Done. Filming of new dramas is still on hold.
17 Mar 15, 09:42 PM
kawaiiliv: Can you update the upcoming HKTV dramas list?
5 Mar 15, 01:09 AM
llwy12: about TE's season 2, he sounded kind of non-committal -- so not sure what that means...
5 Mar 15, 01:09 AM
llwy12: mid-year on resuming filming and deciding then which series they will film. When people asked him
5 Mar 15, 01:08 AM
llwy12: By the way, HKTV just had their annual dinner and Ricky Wong said that they will make a decision
5 Mar 15, 01:07 AM
llwy12: Otherwise, I would also prefer they not make the movie
5 Mar 15, 01:07 AM
llwy12: closure, but it has to follow the original format of the series (meaning using the same script).
5 Mar 15, 01:07 AM
llwy12: @miriamfanz: Well, seeing the way the ended the series, I am ok with the movie if it provides
28 Feb 15, 11:14 PM
miriamfanz: for the TVB route trying to milk everything with sequels, movies, etc.
28 Feb 15, 11:13 PM
miriamfanz: I don't know if a movie can be enough to cover everything & do it well. Also I hope HKTV doesn't go
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